Sacred alliances empower our lives beyond our wildest dreams!…

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  You just never know what incredible journey will unfold or what magick will manifest, when you receive higher guidance in some way, and choose to pursue it wholeheartedly—no matter how unusual it may be. It can take courage, perseverance and a lot of trust and patience. However, trusting in that divine support will reveal phenomenal possibilities you didn’t even know existed for you! Our heart desires are always heard, and when you have an alliance with Spirit and Nature, so that … [Read more...]

♥ Miracle of the Day ♥


Moments that make "time" stop and emphasize the magick and divinity of life... On the day of my birthday, March 14th, we were driving up and up in elevation through the glorious Yosemite Nat'l Park. We planned to go on a full hike, further than we'd been before in our beloved Mariposa Grove (where so many of the giant tree beings, like Giant Sequoias, Sugar Pines and Redwoods stand majestically throughout the forest)... Red-Tailed Hawk has been a dear power animal of mine since I left my … [Read more...]



Animal Spirit Guide messengers... When we become aware that life is fully aware of us at all times, we also receive messages from every possible source in our environments, whether natural or artificial... Animals of all types are messengers that show up at different times to guide us along our paths. They always show up in unusual or repetitive ways to allow us to recognize that they're not just another animal, but a messenger for us. Sometimes an animal we wouldn't think of suddenly … [Read more...]



Life supports us every step of the way in many forms... Wow... so many transitions are occurring with MANY!... we can barely keep up it seems!... BUT, we're not doing this alone and we're not expected to either! ... I've been seeing so many beautiful dragonflies of all types and colours... they are also masters of transformational transitions and they do it with so much grace... From eggs, to aquatic nymphs to agile masters of flight - truly inspiring to see! When you feel like … [Read more...]