The “worst case scenario” is only one of many possibilities…

There will always be a “worst case scenario” to the many life situations we find ourselves in and in so many cases, that’s what the focus lands on.

Regardless of the situation, the emphasis automatically seems to be on that negative “most probable outcome” and not necessarily on all the other possibilities available.

It’s always in our favour to keep in mind that for every situation, there is also a “best case scenario” (even if you receive a mere 0.1% chance of that scenario manifesting!).

Between the best and worst case scenarios, there are also countless possible results that can manifest!

These possibilities, from one end of the spectrum to the other, are not dependent on statistics, but rather on what is divinely aligned with your unique path, your heart desire, your thoughts and your focus.

Your willingness to ask others for assistance (including a higher power such as Spirit), can also play a huge factor in the experience and outcome.

Being aware that support can show up in unexpected ways and being willing to receive this form of unusual assistance can also benefit you.


Diamondback Rattlesnake


I’m going to share three instances that I recently experienced, which showcases this topic for you in real-life situations. May they serve you when you face your own “worst case scenarios”, whether on a personal or more global level.

An unexpected source of support…

For so many of us, 2014 was an intense year of extremes, experiencing the polarities of dark and light continuously. At one point I asked Spirit for a clear message for me to focus on when in the midst of these extremes. In answer to this request, I acquired another power animal. I’ll share one message I received from Diamondback Rattlesnake, that can apply to everyone: When you experience something that zaps or brings down your high energy, like emotional triggers, you’re being alerted of something that needs to be transformed within you or your life, so you can walk your path in a more consistently vibrant, empowered way. It can also serve as a test that demonstrates that your heart is strong enough to overcome anything “venomous”. While I hadn’t expected this power animal, it has been a wise and priceless ally.

A miracle “against all odds”… 

After my husband and I were married in Alaska, it became obviously “easier” for me to apply for permanent residency in the U.S. than him applying to live in Canada. When we began to file the extensive forms to submit our request to the government at the end of October, I discovered that I was misinformed about my authorization date. The information I received from the immigration officer when I crossed the border, regarding how long I could legally stay within the U.S., was different than the date entered in the government database! Since I hadn’t received a stamp in my passport, I had no idea until that moment when I discovered I had access to that database. According to that database, I had already exceeded my stay in the U.S. by over six weeks! The forms we were filling out stated that if you filed after your authorized date, you didn’t qualify to apply – it was an automatic rejection. The forms were also very expensive to submit! After a momentary personal meltdown (and reassurance from my husband), I meditated on this unexpected situation. I received the guidance to submit a legally binding affidavit signed by a notary, explaining in detail that per the information I’d received, I was still legally residing in the U.S. with my husband. We followed our hearts and submitted the forms with all required documents, including that affidavit and wholeheartedly asked Spirit for a miracle. We surrendered the situation to Spirit, and focused on the best outcome possible. On Christmas Eve day, we had an interview with an immigration officer and… we received that miracle! I was granted my permanent residency. It was the best Christmas gift ever for both of us!

Receiving the 0.1% chance of a desired outcome…

And yesterday, when my husband and I went to the Border Services office downtown to admit my car to the U.S. for registration, we didn’t expect at all to hear what the officer told us. He looked squarely at us both and very nicely stated that since this was a car purchased in Canada, there was a 99.9% chance that it would not conform to U.S. regulations and we would have to sell it (in Canada)! He was very apologetic about being the bearer of this bad news. Despite feeling we were wasting our time, he gave us the directions to the airport department where we could get the car inspected. We planned to go regardless that we only had a 0.1% chance of having it approved to drive in the U.S. Since I had been clearly guided by Spirit to drive my fairly new car all the way to Alaska, my husband and I agreed we’d remain positive and asked Spirit for another miracle. As it turns out, with a bit of angelic influence I’m sure, the very kind inspection officer at the airport found everything he required to put the stamp of approval on the car! So against all the odds we’d been given by the previous officer, we received that requested 0.1% chance miracle!

No matter how “hopeless” your circumstances might seem at times, don’t give up hope if your heart guides you to remain steadfast. Know and trust that you have so much support and countless possibilities available to you!

You never have to accept the “worst case scenario” as the final word or only outcome possible.     

Think about one situation in your life where you were faced with a “worst case scenario” but a different outcome manifested – how did you play a role in that other outcome?


With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

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  1. Those are WONDERFUL stories where “against all odds” you received “the best case scenario!” Thank you for sharing them, Lucille!