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You just never know what incredible journey will unfold or what magick will manifest, when you receive higher guidance in some way, and choose to pursue it wholeheartedly—no matter how unusual it may be. It can take courage, perseverance and a lot of trust and patience. However, trusting in that divine support will reveal phenomenal possibilities you didn’t even know existed for you!

Our heart desires are always heard, and when you have an alliance with Spirit and Nature, so that you consciously co-create together, things are so much more interesting for the logical mind and highly rewarding for the heart and spirit (as the countless stories in my books can attest to)!

The sacred photograph on the homepage of this website, of the beautiful hawk and I in Nature’s splendour, is the result of another sacred co-creation—which quite unexpectedly manifested from a heart desire (that initially seemed completely unrelated!). It led me on quite an unanticipated journey that lasted over four months. Along the way it revealed incredible, priceless gifts, as I kept trusting the supportive guidance, despite the obstacles that showed up.


DancingWind-Belle-original registered


It was the beginning of May 2015 and I desired to incorporate volunteer work into my life, for an organization that felt aligned with my spirit and values. Supporting Nature-related charities in various significant ways had been part of my lifestyle for over two decades. Even in my late teens, I’d already understood the great importance of being a responsible steward of this world’s natural environments and its diverse inhabitants of countless species, so I did what I could with the means I had. At this point I’d been living in Alaska for almost one year and yearned to contribute in person somehow. At the same time, I was also (guided by Nature and Spirit) immersed in transforming our co-created Sacred Earth Connection® program Sacred Alliances for Empowered Living, into an Internet-usable version, to make it accessible to people globally (with no need for anyone to travel and much more in-depth integration within home environments). I highly appreciated my tech-savvy husband Michael who greatly assisted me to accomplish this (providing full support with the technical aspects that weren’t my zone of genius!).

One day I took a complete break from the city and technology to visit a soul sister at her secluded home in Nature. As I drove the two hours on the highway to my destination, a majestic bald eagle suddenly soared above me, and I simultaneously received a vision for a photoshoot with an eagle. I also received its symbolism, enforcing why this was something I had to do for our soon-to-be launched online program. In that moment I simultaneously felt “Wow!” in my heart and thought “Yeah, right!” in my mind. It seemed so extraordinary that I released the entire inspired idea back to Spirit. Bald Eagle had become one of my prominent animal spirit guides at the end of 2011 and was now on a new mission for me… though I had no idea yet!

Every time I ignored this divine inspiration, a bald eagle would show up in some way, always accompanied with a reminder about it. After over a week of this, I received a clear sign requesting that I pursue it. I then remembered Adonis, a bald eagle at the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center, which Michael and I had visited the previous year. I felt it was time for another visit.

Immediately after arriving at the AWCC, located one hour south of Anchorage, we decided to use the restrooms before walking up to Adonis‘ outdoor enclosure. We discovered that the regular restrooms were closed, with signs to use the ones behind the welcoming center. Well, we were unknowingly guided right up to Adonis who’d been moved to a new location! I felt a definite sense of being in “a divine flow”.

I spent some silent time with Adonis, asking Spirit for a sign to confirm I was moving in the right direction with this divinely inspired “plan”. As soon as I asked, I was absolutely amazed to see a tiny hummingbird (the size of Adonis’ beak!) suddenly appear “out of the blue” into this bald eagle’s cage! She shimmered in the sunlight as she hovered beside him for a moment in front of me, then flew away.

Until that moment, I’d been unaware that some hummingbirds spend the summer all the way north in Alaska—it was the first one I’d seen in that state. Hummingbird’s surprise appearance at that specific moment was so significant for me. Since this bird can fly in every direction possible (even backwards!), and appeared unexpectedly, I received the message “expect the unexpected” with the understanding that this journey wasn’t a linear one.

I knew I had to find out who I could contact about a possible collaboration involving a photoshoot with Adonis in exchange for a donation from each enrollment in the program. While to my rational mind, he seemed too big for me to perch on my arm, I chose to follow the higher guidance, trusting it would make more logical sense at some point, as it always did.

Trying to connect with the very kind employee I was referred to, ended up requiring a lot of patience, due to the nature of her work. After several emails and phone calls over the span of three weeks, I decided in our last conversation that it wasn’t in Adonis’ best interest to have a photoshoot with me. Even though she was optimistic and wanted to schedule a meeting with the Board of AWCC, I chose to not risk stressing him out (his permanent injury made him uneasy around all people). In my heart it felt like the right thing to do, despite also feeling like a “dead end” to my logical mind.

However, as we finished the conversation, she suddenly asked me as a last attempt to assist me, if I’d ever heard of Bird TLC in Anchorage—which I hadn’t. She highly recommended I contact their director whom she knew personally. So just as one door closed, another one simultaneously opened.

When I looked up Bird TLC’s website, I immediately received an amazing surprise that lit up my heart and spirit—they were looking for volunteers! They were also located a mere five minutes’ drive away from where I lived and were the type of non-profit I fully resonated with!

I sent an email to the director of Bird TLC, with the same details I’d shared with the AWCC’s rehabilitation coordinator. I also expressed that I’d be applying to do volunteer work. Interestingly, one of the requisites to become a volunteer was proof of a current tetanus vaccination, which I happened to have obtained in Anchorage the previous year during my application for permanent residency in Alaska (it had been mandatory)! I called Guy the director, who kindly confirmed he’d received my email and then I proceeded to fill out their volunteer application.

The day I brought my application to Bird TLC was pure magick! I discovered that the specific weekdays and afternoon times I’d chosen were what they were in need of the most! After briefly reviewing my application, I was given a tour of the facility. During that time, one of the senior volunteers (who was also an educational presenter and caretaker of owls), arrived with a great horned owl. To my absolute surprise, the chief volunteer veterinarian who also happened to be there, invited me to assist them with the beautiful owl’s routine examination, by having me gently hold his head! Normally one would gradually work up to the larger birds of prey beginning with small birds, but I always seemed to be the exception to the rules (and I loved it!). Just like that, I was “initiated” and welcomed as a volunteer for an organization that I couldn’t be happier volunteering for! My heart desire had manifested in such a divinely guided, unexpected way—I was elated!

Great Horned Owl was also one of my animal spirit guides (since 2011 when I’d left my status quo life behind me to leap into the great unknown). To have one show up at that specific moment when I’d dropped off my volunteer application shortly before they were closed for the day, was highly significant for me. I felt so awe-struck and honoured by his presence. I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be and this was part of my purposeful sacred work—fully orchestrated by Spirit with my sacred heart!

That summer I volunteered three hours on three afternoons every week (which was greatly appreciated, being their busiest time of the year!), until my program was launched online on the autumn equinox. Afterwards I reduced the days down to twice a week and a year later down to once a week. I did “a million things” (as Bird TLC people would commonly say about me), which was basically anything I saw that needed my diversity of expertise—including holding birds during examinations; mew and food preparation; cleaning; organizing; socializing non-releasable birds; and releasing fully recovered injured, sick and orphaned wild birds. We received so many species, from large ones like graceful trumpeter swans, to tiny ones like pretty hummingbirds. I loved them all, and felt a special connection with the species who were personal spirit guides. It was such an honour for me to be of service this way and each beauty we released back into Nature was a celebration that felt so divine.

I also met their oldest education ambassador Hal—a majestic bald eagle who sustained a permanent injury during the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 and has called Bird TLC home ever since. He was even larger than Adonis, and I honestly could not imagine doing a photoshoot with an eagle almost half my size! I suddenly felt that the photoshoot inspiration might have just been a means for Spirit to manifest my heart desire to do volunteer work, and I felt immensely blessed by that. My heart was full to overflowing.

My volunteer work was such a mutual gift for both Bird TLC and me. It felt incredible to work with so many heart-centered and like-minded people, dedicated with great love to the well-being of innocent ones. They felt like family as we all shared the same passion for Nature and quirky sense of humour. I was so surprised, just over two months after I began my volunteer work there, to receive a card signed by everyone, lovingly expressing in their own way, how much they appreciated my presence there—rendering me speechless and teary-eyed!

That day happened to be a very special new moon. It marked the beginning of a global healing circle I’d initiated for my soul sister Delfina. While I’d contemplated not going in that day since I was holding sacred space for this, I’d felt strongly guided by Spirit to go and trust that it was all perfect. I quickly understood why—my heart was already so touched by the response for Delfina’s healing circle, and now this loving card signed by so many, deeply moved me and burst my heart open into infinity it seemed. This expansion enabled me to hold even greater sacred space and felt so powerful when I did my second ceremony that evening for Delfina. It really was perfect.

Hilariously, throughout the first two months, I didn’t hear a word from the director about my proposed collaboration. I saw Guy every week and we even worked together sometimes. However, at that point I’d decided that what I’d gained from trusting in my heart and Spirit’s guidance was priceless to me, beyond what I had desired, so I didn’t mention the photoshoot again and felt blissful inner peace (I didn’t feel the need for more). Well, I soon realized that Spirit wasn’t done with the photoshoot inspiration!

Bald Eagle now handed over the guidance to Red-Tailed Hawk (who became another prominent animal spirit guide for me at the same time as Great Horned Owl in 2011). By day and night, both beautiful birds of prey had had a continuous magickal physical presence at the lovely old house I lived in for two years. I now began to notice this beautiful hawk consistently show up in uncanny ways. Then one day I unexpectedly came face-to-face with two individuals at Bird TLC (the first I’d seen in Alaska)! They were education ambassadors from another facility in the state and came to us due to a forest fire smoking up that area. One had the common rust-coloured tail feathers I’d seen so often in Canada as well as in California, while the other one had much darker plumage, known as the Harlan’s variety of that species. Both were so beautiful and looked very regal.

As my eyes met their piercing gaze, I suddenly felt strongly guided to send an email to Guy, to follow-up on my first email about the photoshoot. I also now knew that it was to be with a red-tailed hawk, not a bald eagle—I felt this as a clear knowing in my heart and realized that their size was actually perfect for my own. I initially needed to feel that it was with a bald eagle so I could follow the trail that led me to Bird TLC. I did feel a bit silly emailing Guy after over two months had passed since the original email, but there was no doubt this was what I was being asked to do, so I did.

The following day before I went to Bird TLC, I explained to Spirit that if I was really being asked to pursue this photoshoot, I needed to receive something amazingly miraculous, that day, to encourage me. Photoshoots felt challenging to me, and I was now also being guided to include the one I’d been inspired about in 2012, to honour each of the six sacred elements I worked with (featured in the program). It was a lot of photography I was being guided to be part of and not exactly something that excited me!

Well, Spirit heard and delivered—promptly! Shortly after I began my my work routine, Guy found me and sincerely apologized for not replying to my first email, which he explained he had no record of. Somehow, I felt that this was Spirit’s wise influence at work, for by now, he’d gotten to know me as a person, instead of just an email—and he was more than happy to assist me in any way he could!

I explained that before I could schedule a photoshoot with a hawk, as well as with representations of the six sacred elements in Nature, I now required to find a photographer who understood my vision of featuring the beauty and spirit of Nature. His eyes suddenly lit up and he joyfully announced with a huge smile that he was a professional Nature photographer and was more than happy to offer his time and expertise to capture this vision for me—completely free of charge! 

I just looked at him as my jaw literally dropped open with astonishment! I had no idea that so many of the amazing photographs in the reception area were taken by him. He was also flexible with his schedule, which meant we could “go with the flow” of the weather—a huge, invaluable bonus! I felt like I’d won a lottery! I was speechless at this unexpected divine orchestration and was bursting with appreciation for Spirit and Guy!

He informed me a few days later that the education ambassadors couldn’t be used for a photoshoot due to strict regulations. However, he knew a man on the Bird TLC Board of Directors who was the caretaker of a Harlan’s red-tailed hawk named “Belle”. Her name was a significant synchronicity for me that made me smile (I’d acquired the endearing nickname “Lulu Belle” from a soul brother and soul sister when I’d stayed at their rental suite in Hawai’i for three months and their made-up verb “lulu-belling” that resulted from spending a lot of time together, meant receiving signs from Spirit!).

I had to admit I felt resistance to this new possibility with Belle when Guy told me that she and Fred were part of the falconry association. It was very important to me that everything I did always fully aligned with my values, to the best of my knowledge (a continuous journey of discernment). So I did some research, and realized I’d had misconceptions about this ancient practice. I greatly appreciated learning about their strict ethics and important roles in conservation (including preventing the extinction of the peregrine falcon in the 1960’s when DDT was decimating the bird of prey populations across North America). I also learned what a great responsibility it was to be a falconer and that the partnership was fully based on trust—the raptor could choose to fly away and not return, any time when out hunting.

I unexpectedly met Fred a week later when I went to a Bird TLC Board meeting for the first time (it hadn’t occurred to me that he might be there too!). I barely made it on time with so much to do that day, but I’d felt so strongly guided to go—and then understood why. Meeting him felt divinely orchestrated as well, and to my delightful surprise and immense appreciation, he agreed to allow this photoshoot with Belle and said he didn’t want any payment for it—he greatly appreciated that I volunteered at Bird TLC! However, I’d have to be patient since she needed to completely grow her recently molted tail feathers first. This was a vulnerable period for her and her well-being was priority. It greatly touched my heart to feel and see the love in his eyes, words and heart when he spoke of her. Any little doubts I might’ve had left about this arrangement fully vanished.

Then something completely unexpected occurred—I received an email from Guy explaining with sincerest apologies that his schedule was so demanding, he wouldn’t be able to do the photoshoot for me, but would happily refer me to someone else as a substitute. I felt momentarily crushed by this news, though I did fully understand (since I saw myself how busy he was when I did my volunteer work). Despite his surprise announcement, I still felt so strongly in my heart that he was the one meant to do this photoshoot—I couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect. So I remained optimistic and open to guidance. I knew it would all work out however it was meant to—it always did.

During one of my Nature hikes shortly afterwards, in a park a short drive south of the city, I was unknowingly guided to the perfect photoshoot locations for each of the six sacred elements! I was astonished that the farthest location was only five minutes of walking distance from the others and they were all so close to the parking lot! I suddenly had a clear knowing of what I needed to do.

When I saw Guy again at Bird TLC, I asked him if it would change the possibility for him, if I told him that the photoshoot would take no more than a few hours. He suddenly lit up and said “Absolutely!”. He couldn’t believe it would take that little time, but I gave him my word. I was overjoyed! So we scheduled that photoshoot and agreed to do the one with Belle when she became “photoshoot ready”. We knew that particular photoshoot wouldn’t be more than half an hour, if everything flowed.

I received the perfect weather for the sacred elements photoshoot, which was truly magickal and complete within three hours! The previous evening I had gone to each chosen location and did ceremony with Nature and Spirit, specifically for Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Storm and Spirit, to ensure that the photographs would be guided to fully honour each of them. I knew Spirit was pleased during this photoshoot since more rainbows appeared in one hour than my husband Michael and I could count! Even Guy and an assistant photographer (another Bird TLC volunteer) expressed that it was “very magickal”. It all flowed so beautifully—even the clouds danced and changed in the sky in ways that complimented the different elements! It was so mesmerizing, I couldn’t stop smiling. The presence of those rainbows and their personal significance for me was so blissfully amazing—all sorts showed up in the sky above me, around the sun and in the clouds! I felt immensely blessed and grateful-beyond-words to all who were present to manifest those photographs within the time I’d promised Guy!    

When I inquired about Belle again, Fred shared that this was unusually late for her to complete the growth phase of her feathers. The days were getting cooler and rainy with the approach of the autumn season, which was less than ideal weather for that remaining photoshoot. Then to top it all off, Guy went on a (much deserved) vacation for a week, further pushing back any possible photoshoot date.     

One evening I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by my long “to do” list, along with the seemingly obstacle-filled coordination of the second photoshoot, with everyone involved and on a day with ideal weather. I already felt more than blessed by all I’d received and experienced, and felt that perhaps the photoshoot with a hawk wasn’t necessary. After all, everyone was doing this completely voluntarily out of the generosity of their hearts. Guy also expressed that he didn’t expect me to make a monetary donation to Bird TLC with each enrollment, nor did he want me to include his photography website in the credits. He kindly explained he was simply doing this to support me for the work I was doing from my heart. I was so touched by this. It’s such a profound gift to connect with people who live from their hearts!

I went for a long Nature walk up to a cliff I love, that overlooks a forested valley. In this very peaceful sacred space, I released all the overwhelm. Then as I contemplated specifically about the second photoshoot, a small hawk suddenly appeared at my right and flew just a few feet in front of me, wings and tail feathers beautifully spread out! He reached a conifer tree at my left and perched on its top. He silently gazed straight into my eyes a while, then glided down directly towards me, never breaking eye contact. I didn’t move, but when he reached just a few feet away, still heading straight for me, I thought “Yikes!” in my mind, at which he sharply turned left towards the valley. He continued to glide down and called out before vanishing from sight among the trees, as mysteriously as he had first appeared! It was the first hawk I’d seen in Nature since my arrival in Alaska! I was silent with awe and felt honoured by his presence.

I discovered that this visitor was the smallest species of hawk, with an obvious message from Spirit. So I surrendered the timing and coordinating of everything to Spirit. I was reminded that it wasn’t up to me to figure it all out! After all, I’d been so guided with every detail up until now—including what I wore!

It had been important to me to wear what would express my unique, divine essence while honouring my truth and beloved Nature, so I asked Spirit for assistance with this as well. I’d envisioned a long, layered, green skirt but it was difficult in general to find green clothing, so this was quite the desire to manifest, if I didn’t create it myself. Then my husband Michael suggested I go to a store I’d never heard of in Anchorage (he would often receive insights from Spirit for me, without even realizing he was channeling this way!). I discovered that the owner of Mermaid Imports traveled to countries like India and Nepal to purchase directly from the artists, to support their communities! This immediately resonated with me. Well, within a few minutes, as I browsed the first room of countless handmade treasures, I suddenly noticed a mannequin placed high up on a shelf wearing layers of clothing that hid most of… what looked like… exactly the kind of skirt I’d desired! I couldn’t believe my eyes. As the wonderful employee took it down for me, she also happily announced that it was from India and 20% off! When I tried it on, I was amazed—it fit me perfectly (including the length, which was rare for my 5’2” height!) and it was the only one like it in the store! I was ecstatic!

I couldn’t stop smiling as I shared about the magick of it all with Chloe, which she celebrated me. Since Nature is a gorgeous combination of different shades of greens and textures, I wasn’t concerned about not finding a top that matched the skirt. I did share with Chloe what I desired the top to look like and with her creative suggestion, I ended up purchasing a scarf (also from India) to wrap around me. No shoes necessary—I’d planned to be my natural barefoot. I also found beautifully carved wood bracelets in the store that felt perfect. For my earrings and necklace, I purchased beads from another store in the city whose owner also traveled to villages in different countries to purchase directly from the artists to support their communities, including Africa. In ceremony, I then created this jewellery (including a gorgeous green tourmaline pendant I’d received as a gift) from pure divine inspiration, deeply tuning in to the tribal Earth-honouring energy. My makeup was what I’d been wearing since I discovered it in 2009—fully organic from plants and crystals, produced from the highly conscious 100% Pure company. To wear all this beautiful energy aligned with my truth that supported so many, felt divine to my heart and spirit and absolutely perfect!    

Shortly after the appearance of that small hawk, Fred unexpectedly phoned me one evening to suggest that we meet at the beautiful lake park behind the Bird TLC facility for the photoshoot with Belle—she was now ready! I so greatly appreciated his willingness to not only help manifest this photoshoot, but to be so accommodating that Guy could just bring his camera with him at work. Guy also agreed this was a great plan and we chose a tentative day for it, weather depending (it had been raining a lot recently, which the land really needed). Everyone was now ready—it was all up to Spirit. I made a respectful heart request to Spirit and Nature for ideal weather, for just long enough to complete this final photoshoot on September 9, 2015 and surrendered the outcome.

The weather had been cool, overcast and rainy all day and night previous to our chosen date. However, that early afternoon of the photoshoot, we were blessed with a short period of radiant sun shining through the clouds and it even got warm enough for me to not feel cold! It was perfect timing for what we’d needed. I was overjoyed and felt radiant with love and appreciation (even more so when it began to rain again with a strong cold wind by late afternoon after we’d completed)! We’d received a short period of grace! During this photoshoot, I experienced something uniquely magickal, mystical and beautiful, that I will always treasure dearly within my heart. To this day, just the thought of this experience still moves me beyond words.


Lucille DancingWind with Belle 3


We didn’t have to walk far from Bird TLC to find a beautiful clearing in the forest where golden leaves carpeted the ground. I’d agreed to use Fred’s glove which Belle was used to, instead of a more fancy-feminine, unfamiliar one from Bird TLC. Well, as soon as Fred removed his left hand from the glove and I slipped mine in it, Belle suddenly flew directly towards me and perched firmly on my hand and wrist! I was awestruck…

In that moment, I felt our spirits merge in a way I’d never felt before with one of the animal kingdom. I felt directly touched by the Divine and overflowed with so much pure love for her, Spirit and Nature. I felt so deeply honoured by Belle’s level of trust and full presence with me. I also loved that she was perched over my special Navajo green turquoise ring (my personal symbol of my commitment to Mother Earth and my work in sacred alliance with Spirit and Nature).   

 I felt Spirit guiding Belle throughout the photoshoot, for she remained in purposeful connection with me until I removed my hand from the glove (we entered the “no time” zone, so I’m not even sure how much time elapsed—perhaps 20 minutes). It was profoundly beautiful… there are no words to really describe the experience. It was all heart and divinity. I felt so blessed by the spirit of Red-Tailed Hawk, and my “sacred circle” of Spirit and Nature, including the beings surrounding me in the forest.

I also felt such great loving appreciation for Guy and Fred who so fully and generously supported this experience with absolute respect, patience and heart-centeredness, holding sacred space for Belle and I along with Spirit and Nature. As with my husband Michael, it felt very special and significant to me, to have these two wonderful heart-centered men and friends, holding that space for us during this moment in time—the sacred masculine supporting the sacred feminine. Since my work has always been dedicated to honouring and supporting both genders, this orchestration couldn’t have been more perfect! I’ll never forget that moment.

It was so amazing for me to now see everything that had unfolded and was so precisely orchestrated on this journey during the last four months, to come to this moment—when the landscape was now the rich colours of my Sacred Earth Connection® logo (co-created through one of my brothers and Spirit in 2011)! Only one week sooner and the leaves would not have displayed all the brilliant golds they now did, nor carpeted the ground—absolute divine timing! I felt such great, infinite appreciation to all who had made this experience possible in the way it manifested!

As we walked towards Bird TLC afterwards, I explained to Guy that what made this entire experience and the photographs so sacred, was that they manifested purely through heart collaborations. As I said that, we passed Fred’s (wife’s) vehicle and noticed that the license plates stated “HEART”! We both laughed at the perfect synchronicity.

When I shared the experience with Michael afterwards, I looked up at the sky and saw a rainbow shining over the sun with a tiny illuminated heart cloud between the rainbow and sun! That evening, despite the cool wind and rain, I went to the location where we’d had the first photoshoot near McHugh Creek, and did a love and appreciation celebration ceremony for Spirit, Nature and all who had contributed to this incredible, divinely-guided journey I’d experienced, involving so many.

The divinity of life never ceases to amaze me! This one photograph represents so much (some of it beyond words). It’s very dear to my heart and soul. It’s the embodiment of living from the heart, in sacred alliance with Spirit and Nature (including heart-centered human beings representing the divine feminine and divine masculine). It showcases the power of our hearts, love, awareness, respect, trust, faith, appreciation, surrender, kindness, divine timing and honouring the sacred in all its forms—making anything possible.

The following spring on May 20th, 2016 (exactly two years since I’d arrived in Alaska), I was unexpectedly greeted by Fred at Bird TLC. He’d been waiting for me to arrive for my afternoon volunteer shift, to share in person, that he’d released the beautiful Belle back in Nature! I was stunned speechless. After nine years of commitment as her caretaker and sharing a bond of trust as hunting partners, he’d noticed that she began showing interest in other hawks and he received a sign that she now desired a life in Nature. So he lovingly honoured her desire by releasing her in a gloriously vast park environment where there’s an abundance of this species of hawk’s natural prey. It so deeply touched my heart to receive this surprise news straight from his own heart—he knew I’d fully appreciate the significance of what he’d done. I gave him a big hug for both me and Belle.   

My sacred experience with Belle became that much more special to me, knowing that she now soars as a free spirit in Nature, living as a fully wild hawk. I still feel her powerful, gentle spirit within my heart—a priceless gift.

By nature, we all have the ability to perceive Spirit in everyday life and to experience infinite forms of divine love and guidance. Allowing divine support into our lives truly invites the phenomenal. There’s just no way I could have experienced all that I have throughout my life, in the extraordinary ways that I have, without allowing Spirit and Nature (in the form of my “sacred circle” and beyond), to support me as mutually beneficial sacred allies.

The full potential of the magickal divinity of life, manifests for us, with us and through us, when we embrace our whole true nature as human beings—and trust it fully. When we trust in the divine support that is always available to us, and are open to receiving it, we invite extraordinary possibilities to flow into our lives, enriching and transforming them in ways beyond our wildest dreams!


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I wish you an empowering Equinox and continued empowerment on your journey of life!


With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

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Special thanks: Guy Runco (photographer), Belle (hawk), Dutch Overly (caretaker of Belle), Michael Leon Rockwell (Lucille’s dear husband), Nature & Spirit, Bird TLC family and all others who played a part on this magickal journey!

Thank you for sharing the love! :)
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