It’s our nature – powerful, multidimensional co-creators!…

Ah, the eternal “battle” of our logical minds!…

It’s so easy to dismiss anything that our logical minds can’t explain, as being mere imagination or superstition, or to analyse phenomenons with scientific explanations and conclude that certain things are “impossible”. It’s what most of us have been taught to do – automatically.

However, when we do that, we completely disregard our multidimensional, true nature!

Instead of seeing ourselves and our world as multiple forms of visible and invisible energy, we focus solely on the tangible.

This creates a tunnel vision that disregards everything else that goes on to make life what it is – including the logically unexplainable.

Elemental Magic 2


We not only create our reality with our hands or other physical means. We manifest everything in our world beginning with the unseen. 

We create it with every thought, emotion, desire, reaction, vision, intention, focus, etc.

This then transforms into the tangible and visible, using physical means such as inspired action.

Sometimes, we don’t even need to do anything except envision something with our hearts and minds, believing that anything is possible… and someone else manifests it for us in tangible form! Pure magick.

A perfect and very simple example of this is something I personally experienced. (It’s just one of many that I share in my book Sacred Possibilities, in greater detail)

It was the beginning of 2013, a week before I received a much needed financial miracle… I was in the thick of a test of faith with no idea that Spirit would give me some relief soon. Needless to say, I had absolutely no money to spend when one of my soul sisters launched her new lines of jewellery. 

Upon her announcement I went to her website to browse her online store and I absolutely fell in love with one particular necklace connected with the magickal Elementals! It featured a gorgeous green tourmaline pendant and everything about it felt so good to me – I highly resonated with it. I desired immediately to have it for myself.

However, I did not tell anyone about this heart desire – not even my soul sister. Since all her new pieces were beautiful, I praised all her collections as a whole instead.

In order to connect with this particular necklace, until I could get it for myself, I indulged in its beauty and energy by looking at the online photograph. It ignited my spirit, which was especially wonderful to feel during my test of faith.

Two weeks later I received a package in the mail from my soul sister! In her pretty card, she wrote, “One of my guides… an Elemental… asked that I send this to you…” As I looked inside the beautiful pouch in the package, I was absolutely astonished to see that it was… that gorgeous necklace I had fallen in love with!!!

Wow… what a truly special surprise gift to receive! I felt immense love and support from so many, as I held the necklace in my hand to my heart and then put it on. Spirit and the Elementals had definitely heard my heart desire for this treasure, through the pure energy of my heart, thoughts and emotions (for I never vocalized or wrote about it). Then through my generous soul sister, they magickally manifested it for me.

It empowered me on my journey and that experience has been one of many reminders of how magickal our world truly is.  

When we’re aware how much power we have as manifesters, we can be more mindful of what we focus our energy and attention on.

We’re all powerful, multi-dimensional co-creators.

What is one experience you’ve had that defied all logic and manifested one of your desires or something you had envisioned, thought or imagined?

With love and wonder-filled spirit,

Signature lucille

Thank you for sharing the love! :)
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    ♥ Thank you for sharing your beautiful Heart ♥

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  1. Oooh…Elemental Magic! I so love this piece, I love seeing it on you…and I so love how ‘magically’ this story unfolded! So touched to be a part of this story. xoxo

    • Thank you Lori for your beautiful sharing! It completes this post in a divinely perfect way! 😀
      This will always be one of my most treasured, magickal manifestation experiences!
      Much love to you. XOX

  2. So, so beautiful.

    Here’s to our Sacred Earth Connection
    and never ending Sacred Possibilities!

    My magical manifestation was YOU, Lucille, at the GIFTED 2012 event (has it really been two years already?). I had sent out a prayer that I would LOVE to connect with a true soul sister, a trustworthy earth angel, someone in total integrity, who speaks my soul language and who truly ‘gets’ me. It was a very light prayer, a wish that I thought and then let FLY FREE.

    And then YOU, Lucille, shamanic fairy, just materialized out of nowhere. I remember that I was standing there at one of the high desks, enjoying the great healthy food offered and the people, then turned my head, and there you were, all of a sudden just standing there next to me as if we had come there together. Words weren’t necessary. And none of us was surprised. Just grinning in recognition. Our deep soul sis connection was so natural and elemental and magical that we just felt at home instantly in each others vibrations. We just KNEW that we were soul family. As if we had merely just been away, running some errands for a sec.

    Beyond the fabulous event, multiple dimensions opened up and it hasn’t stopped since, even with you living in Alaska where you just got married to your twin flame and launched your heavenly book ‘Sacred Possibilities’. I am living in the UK. We both so enjoy our mutually supportive magical connection, and the deLIGHTness of it, feeling each other’s core being – and having such fairy FUN each time we connect. Not only was my prayer answered, but the friendship and sisterhood and co-creatorship we are each experiencing in response, continuously, exceeds any expectations.

    What defied all logic was that you popped up like an instant manifestation and we seemed to have continued where we ‘just’ left off in another realm, teehee. Like… “ok, that was fun, I’m back, what shall we play next?” And we are so alike in many ways, like ‘twin flame sisters’ who’ve known each other for eons.

    What stuck with me from this:”All You gotta do is ASK – and it is given. And don’t limit Spirit in its limitless creativity!” Ha.

    with appreciation, awe, and more adventure

    xx Tanya

    PS So good to walk this new world together as we are co-creating it.
    All coming together now. For all of us.

    • My Beautiful Star Sis Tanya,

      What a JOY it is to have your magickal presence here! 😀

      Your words so deeply touch me… From my heart to yours, thank you (beyond words!) for your soooo beautiful sharing. I fully receive it with great love!

      I feel so blessed to journey here on glorious Mother Earth with you – you’re also a divine gift to me!

      How perfect that you commented to this particular blog post, for we are living proof ourselves of the limitless possibilities of co-creative manifestation! :)

      So much LOVE to you! XOX

      • Ohhhh, thank you so much, darling sis, so much magical unfoldment as we are leading a Spirit-led life. Fascination pure!

        So, so wonderful that all of us who have access to the wonders beyond the 3 dimension are now gathering, knowing that this is not ‘odd’ but NATURAL!!

        May as many as possible remember that we ALL belong, because we’re all unique.
        What a delight to see such blossoming all over the world(s), teehee.

        Definitely a NEW WORLD OF WONDERS, awe, and appreciation.

        Ingredients for a HAPPY LIFE and CREATION.

        Just BE… FREE!

        Hugs and so much LOVE to you!! OXO

        PS I am so glad that so many people are now touched by your Essence through your book 😀