Dandelion teaches us to transcend suppression [video]…

If there’s any part of you that you don’t express, since it’s different (would make you stand out) and might trigger judgement, criticism or other forms of disapproval, may this video inspire and empower you…

Suppression has unfortunately been a part of life ever since certain individuals decided that it was best to control the behavior of societies, based on what they personally deemed to be “normal”, “acceptable” and “proper” conduct. Suppression has infiltrated our way of life throughout history, sometimes in very inhumane ways, as well as in very subtle, sneaky ways…  


Bumblebee pollinating Dandelion


Dandelion is a powerful teacher by example, for us at this time. Over the past month, it’s been blossoming in profusion here in the city of Anchorage, Alaska and surrounding open areas that are exposed to sunshine, such as ditches and meridians along streets and highways, high pedestrian traffic areas in parks, and on hills.

Dandelion’s sunny yellow flowers are like beacons that remind us of our personal power – reflecting the colour of our solar plexus chakra. They convey such an important message, it was time for me to feature them in a video.

Join me now in Chugach State Park near McHugh Creek, Alaska, where I recorded this video yesterday, on a radiantly sunny hot day. I was grateful for the divine timing of my inspired flow, for moose were also enjoying the beautiful day, and a large male walked up to where I was, just as I prepared to leave! I respectfully acknowledged him and silently left the area with a huge smile on my face and in my heart. 



A note about the dandelion flower in my hair: I was just about to begin recording when I was invited by Dandelion to feature a blossom in my hair, so I asked which one desired to be featured. I thanked the plant by gifting some of my love-infused water and later offered the blossom with love and appreciation to the flowing creek as I hiked back to leave.

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