Chickadee teaches the superpower of “joy bursts”! [video]…

As human beings, it seems to be second nature to notice and focus on the negative (a survival mechanism perhaps?). But ultimately, it’s focusing on the opposite frequency that does the greatest good, on so many levels – some aren’t even perceivable!


AK Chickadee


So my video’s endearing guest flew in to share an important teaching about the power of “joy bursts”, especially useful for those who tend to become overwhelmed by the negative in any form or if you’ve fallen into a “rut” and can’t seem to think clearly.

What Chickadee shares is powerful medicine – sometimes just one dose is all it takes!

Join me now and the lovely little black-capped chickadees in a sunny Alaskan meadow!

A very special thanks of great appreciation to the chickadees for showing up – such a blessing! 



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