BUMBLEBEES teach: Absolutely Anything is Possible! [video]…

If you’ve ever desired or envisioned something, or received an inspiration to create something, but you’ve stopped yourself from attempting to manifest it due to your own self-limiting beliefs or due to being told by others that you’re a dreamer, it’s crazy or impossible – may this video inspire and empower you! 


Join me and Bumblebee in a beautiful garden of wildflowers on the mountainous hillside of Anchorage, Alaska (special thanks to my soul sister Amber!).

I also share a miraculous personal story that showcases that anything is possible, even against all odds! 

Thank you for watching!

If you enjoyed this video, do share! If you’d like more real life stories of miracles and the “impossible” manifesting, even against all odds, explore book 1 of “Sacred Possibilities” HERE and see how it has benefited global readers’ lives and can benefit you! (Book 2 will be published soon!)

I also welcome your comments!


With great love and wonder-filled spirit,





Thank you for sharing the love! :)
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    ♥ Thank you for sharing your beautiful Heart ♥

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  1. Tanya von Zychlinsky says:

    Lovely Lucille,

    You’re reflecting with such radiant beauty that part of our Nature, it’s a JOY to behold.

    Thank You for sharing this video about the flight of the bumblebee with us – and all your other insight-filled moving marvels of nature.

    Let’s all bumble MUCH more!!!

    You are a blessing to us all – leading by example and inspiration.

    Love you so much and your soul expression, sweet STARsis,

    Keep those stories coming as more and more will discover – and benefit from – your spirit inspired sharing,

    Big bearhug from Tanya xxxxxxxxxxx

    I celebrate You – and our world!

    • Dearest Tanya,

      A wholehearted thank you for your soooo beautiful heart sharing! ♥

      Every word went straight to my heart with so much appreciation for the time you took to express all you did! Deeply honoured and overjoyed!

      And to think… how terrified I was to be visible this way… recording and publishing my first Sacred Earth Connection video on the March 2015 Spring Equinox. Now it’s such a joy for me to be of service this way! I never ever would have imagined it! :) Anything IS Possible (especially with courage)! 😉

      Thank you for blessing this page (and beyond) with your divine essence, beautiful SiStar!

      Love you! ♥ XO
      Lucille DancingWind