Yes, YOU matter!… and MORE than you can ever imagine!…


If you’d like a reminder of how sacred and powerful you are, watch the following video that I created for you and published for the powerful Full Moon Solstices of June 20, 2016!… or you can continue reading below… 



Each one of us exists in this world with a sacred, unique, powerful purpose – our reason for being here. Each purpose is different, and just by honouring who you are, and living from your heart-centered truth every day, you’re fulfilling your purpose. By being your TRUE self wholeheartedly, in ALL that you do, you affect this world in a HIGHLY positive way (without knowing it most of the time). Click HERE to read a short story that perfectly exemplifies this – a personal experience I had in Hawaii that I’ll never forget, it so surprised me!

In a world where self-gratifying systems and behaviors of control, domination, corruption, and conformism have taken over so much, it can take immense courage, dedication and strength, to stand up for who you are and your values, and LIVE the life you feel called to by your heart. But each one of us who does, makes a difference for SO MANY, including ourselves! It’s soul-fulfilling!

You’re an integral part of the divinely designed web of life here on Mother Earth, just as every other life form. EVERYTHING you do/don’t do, matters greatly to the rest of our world – even if you’re only aware of a mere fraction of the ripple effects that your beautiful true nature causes!



Wolf, one of my oldest animal Spirit Guides and guardians, is a beautiful example of this, in the greater web of life, as demonstrated in the wonderful video “How Wolves Change Rivers”*. This is true of every single form of life, including humans. I’ve personally experienced and witnessed this in countless ways, throughout my life. I’ll share just two examples…

Even after over two decades, I still see the ripple effects that continue to expand and benefit countless lives to this day, from just one decision I made as a graduating high school student, by listening to my heart’s wise guidance, instead of the confining societal “box”. That story along with so many other amazing ones, is included in my book “Sacred Possibilities“.

I also witnessed the vast beneficial ripple effects that just one life causes in an ecosystem, to benefit countless others, when I transformed my urban yard into a native garden in 2003, and observed this evolving ecosystem almost every day for five years. Every small form of life in that garden, from ants to asters, taught me how much each one mattered for many more reasons than I could have imagined! In sacred alliance with Nature, I created an oasis that revealed so much to me. My astonishing discoveries became my book “Mending Mother Earth with Native Plants“.

NO form of miraculous life is redundant. Each one is sacred, including YOURS. When you choose to live your life in a heart-empowered way, it unleashes a transformational power of the highest form, which everyone benefits from, beyond time and space.

Our world needs you to live the divine power of who you truly are!

If you desire support to be able to do so, I offer various forms throughout this Sacred Earth Connection® portal, including free empowerment gifts and resources, my books, and services like my “Sacred Alliances for Empowered Living” program and different levels of mentorship.

May you be divinely guided to what will serve you the greatest at this time in your life, so you can live an empowered, soul-fulfilling life!

With infinite love – I believe in you!

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This video was edited by Steve Agnos with editorial assistance from Chris Agnos (who also conceived the idea for the video), the brothers behind Sustainable Man ( For more visit Narration from TED: “For more wonder, rewild the world” by George Monbiot. (Note: He is British, which is why he refers to elk as “deer”.) Watch the full talk, here:
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