HIGHLY Recommend!

As a conscious consumer and aware inhabitant of Mother Earth,
I’m wide open to discovering and supporting socially-responsible, higher consciousness entrepreneurs who provide products and services of the highest quality
(they not only match my values of highest integrity, but also provide holistic benefits
while living and promoting harmony with the rest of our world and all life).

I wholeheartedly recommend the following
whole-body well-being products and services to you,
with immense love and the hope that you will also experience for yourself
the great benefits of these high vibrational offers.

* Please always tune in to your own truth – in this day and age, practicing discernment is crucial!
I recommend ONLY what I know can benefit you, from personal experience.

While I’m now an affiliate for “100% Pure”, “Living Libations” and “Raw Power”, and also a member 
of “Young Living™”, I’d still highly recommend them to you even if I wasn’t, like I used to!
(Affiliate links are included on this webpage.)



(Nurture your divine true nature, by spending as much quality time with Nature as you can, year-round!)


Feel like a goddess or god in harmony with All,
as you nurture your precious temple (your multi-dimensional body!)
with these divine treasures.

* Note: Since our bodies are all unique, we’re each responsible for our own well-being.
Sacred Earth Connection® and its founder Lucille DancingWind, are free of any liability,
related to these recommended products and services.



* 100% Pure *

Since reaching adulthood, I’ve always enjoyed pampering my body and wearing makeup, especially to accent my eyes and lips – it’s part of my morning love & appreciation ritual. My great desire to find a cosmetic brand company fully aligned with my values, finally manifested in 2009 – and highly exceeded my expectations! I was overjoyed and so amazed by all that they offer for high integrity whole-body bliss! They’re the only company I recommend for body care and makeup, including the only SPF products my skin loves.

Aside from truly vibrant, incredibly, purely beautiful products (all organic, cruelty-free and biodegradable), what I also truly love and greatly appreciate about this heart-inspired company, is that they’ve gone the extra mile to be highly conscious in ALL ways, including beautiful fully-recycled packaging printed with vegetable inks (and recycling program); supportive of over a dozen different charities; a great rewards program; free returns; exceptional customer service; and wonderful promotions, such as planting 10 trees for every purchase made on Earth Day!

All their makeup is made from organic plant ingredients (and shimmer from crushed crystals), nourishing the body’s skin with these plants’ powerful anti-oxidants and nutrients (instead of the highly toxic chemicals and heavy metals used in other cosmetic brands). These products are also divine aromatherapy every time I use them – they smell like the pure essence of their ingredients. I also need daily UV protection for my face, and this company produces the only natural UV products that don’t make my skin break out.

I can’t say enough good things about this company, whose values and products support me to feel and look my best every day and live in integrity with my own values, knowing I benefit so many in countless ways with every purchase – it’s truly a sacred exchange!   

I invite you to experience the divine beauty of these higher consciousness products for yourself and see how your body, mind and spirit respond – there’s something for everyone! 

Click on the image below to browse their online store of glorious Nature-made treasures!



* Young Living Essential Oils *

In May 2016, while I was meditating in Nature at sunrise, I was unexpectedly guided by the Elementals, Spirit and other Nature beings to switch to Young Living™ Essential Oils. I was intrigued, since I’d been purchasing organic essential oils for many years already, and didn’t think I could find better quality.

Despite this “out of the blue” guidance, I soon discovered why I was guided to switch to this company. Compared with all other well-known, popular brands of organic plant essential oils I could compare them with, none compared in integrity, vibrant frequency and potency with these ones! I was amazed—I’d never even considered that there could be such a discrepancy between higher quality essential oils. But it make perfect sense considering this company’s highest standards in producing these oils, from environmental stewardship to strictly monitoring the consistency of their therapeutic-grade high potency. (I also loved discovering that this company was highly involved in philanthropy—any purchase I made was fully aligned with my values!).

I was assured by my “sacred circle” (my divine “team” of guides and guardians) that I could always depend on the plants’ most potent natural healing frequencies in every bottle, and this was the most important aspect of these particular essential oils. I was always open to being guided by my “sacred circle” to higher levels of frequency in all aspects of my life, so it was simply time for me to up-level with my essential oils. If using the highest quality, therapeutic-grade organic essential oils available, is not a priority for you, then I recommend the “Living Libations” organic essential oils that you can browse HERE

(( The “Young Living™” essential oils have highly impressed me beyond words since I’ve started using them (or I wouldn’t recommend them 😉 ). I can’t recommend enough the “Thieves®” and “Lavender” as “must have”‘s on hand: “Thieves®” oil blend (inspired by the plant combination used during the 1300’s Eurasian plague that prevented thieves from getting sick while robbing the dead) – used internally has prevented me and my husband from getting sick when you get that scratchy throat; also amazingly healed my flush/short of breath, inflamed/red skin and infected scratches within 2 hours of applying it topically directly to my skin instead of landing in the ER with possible blood poisoning (I was guided to do this and fully trust my “sacred circle” (spirit guides and guardians of Spirit and Nature); also great in a spray bottle to kill germs in the air and on surfaces; “Lavender” (which has immediately neutralized and soothed burns on my skin and tongue, plus has soothed itchy healing wounds, rashes, scratches of all sorts, and my Mom has used it on cold sores with amazing results); “Purification®” oil blend (also wonderful to prevent infection but gentler than “Thieves®”); “Cedarwood” (amazing in the diffuser in a room like I use in the bedroom to infuse the room with the healing and body nurturing frequency of a forest); “Peppermint” “Orange” and “Lemon” (great addition to drinking water and for aromatic powerful cleaning spray); “Frankincense” (divine for meditation, writing and other activities that require a higher state of mind); and I continue to explore! )) 

Our world is in the midst of massive changes, and the more allies we have, to support us on all levels to feel and be our best, the better! After all, these are one of Nature’s gifts in its most divine form.

If you desire pure organic essential oils of the highest quality available in every single bottle, I invite you to explore “Young Living™” and personally experience their countless benefits, for all aspects of your life! They also have excellent customer service, which I greatly appreciate.

Click on the image below to browse their online store and invest in your well-being!
*Please note, you can choose “Retail Customer” instead of “Member”.

young living 6












* Sacred Ground *

Our bodies are divinely designed multi-dimensional sacred temples with the ability to heal themselves and maintain a sense of whole well-being when we allow them to. However, in this day and age, most people dependent on conventional medicine haven’t been taught that there are far better alternatives to achieve a truly empowered state of well-being within our multi-dimensional bodies beyond what we’ve been taught (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – it’s ALL connected!).

This is why I’m introducing you to my dear soul sister Phyllis Bala of “Sacred Ground”. I met her serendipitously in Occidental, California and have been referring people to her since then! I know people of both genders who’ve done one-on-one work with her and have reported deep and life-shifting results. She is a Doctor of Indigenous Medicine, seer, medical intuitive, medical advocate, transcultural health consultant, herbalist, and holistic health educator. Even more important to me, is that she’s of high integrity and deeply honours the sacred (not to mention she has a great sense of humour!). The services she offers through her “Sacred Ground” are invaluable for people at this time.

An excerpt from her website: “At Sacred Ground our passion is helping people experience their heart opening to who they truly are, understanding how to go within to appreciate, explore and bring healing to the nature of one’s inner landscape.Throughout the ancient cultures of the world, people have always known they are part of nature and that nature in all of its simplicity, holds the many secrets to restoring health.  It is our mission to open new doors to ancient worlds of healing that science is just beginning to discover.”

Click on the image below to discover more information through the “Sacred Ground” website and ways to contact Phyllis.

Sacred Ground











* Raw Power *

The nutrients found in raw (living), organic foods are so important for our bodies, regardless of your type of diet. I’m very selective about what I consume. Eating fresh, local and organic is of course ideal and so divine, but when you’re travelling or don’t have access to high quality foods, supplements are welcome.

This family-owned company provides a wide range of highly nutritious foods to meet a variety of needs. All the products I’ve tried are wonderful, and my favourites are “Thor’s Hammer” (Chlorella/Spirulina), “Organic Protein Bar” (the highest protein bar I’ve found yet, at 22g per bar AND it’s also delicious!) and the “Raw Power Chocolate” (Protein Superfood), . 

As with the previous two companies above, I’ve always had excellent customer service from them also.

Click on the image below to browse their online store.



* Earth Empress *

Our bodies are sacred temples that thrive on high quality foods (the less processed and the more it resembles its natural, original form, the greater a food benefits you). The nutrients found in raw, fresh, lovingly grown foods are so important for our bodies, regardless of your type of diet!

However, it can feel daunting to consume such foods day after day in a variety of ways that not only honour our bodies, but also taste sooo delicious, that we don’t even crave the less healthy alternatives that surround us in mainstream media/society and are a continuous temptation!…

This is why I’m introducing you to my dear soul sister Shakaya “Breeze” Leone. She is not only masterful at creating decadent AND easy AND quick recipes for all types of people (yes, even the “sweet tooths”!), but she also beautifully honours the source and health properties of these foods through her heartfelt poetic expressions that introduce each recipe and adorn each page of her gorgeous books.

For you who desires to explore the edibles for beautiful well-being from within, I invite you to step into the realm of exquisitely decadent foods, for beautiful you, and journey a while with the divine essence of this Earth Empress. She generously offers free recipes as well as so much more, so you can begin your love affair with wholesome, delicious foods now – if you so desire…

Click on the image below to be transported into the realm of pure decadence your body will love you for!…
(image from Shakaya’s treasure-book titled “Sweet Seductions”)











* Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary *

If you’re looking for an amazing spa experience that is aligned with a holistic approach to true well-being, sustainability, and harmony in mind, body, spirit with natural environments and organic products… I have a beautiful recommendation for you!

In March 2016, as a birthday gift from a dear soul sister, I was introduced to this glorious spa in California’s Sonoma County (north of San Francisco). I was overjoyed to discover a spa that is a leader in its industry in all ways imaginable! You can read about their beautifully inspirational history, their values, community and environmental stewardship on their inviting website.

I personally experienced their beautiful meditation gardens and other special spaces, exquisite (divine!) cedar enzyme bath, a full body aromatherapy massage, drank their delicious teas and felt deeply cared for during my time there. I was truly blissed-out from the entire experience and loved their gift boutique as well.

The founder and his team understand with a deep awareness, what a spa should offer and what it means to be a responsible co-creator here on Mother Earth. This award-winning spa has also received the “Most Spiritual Spa in America” award by “Spirituality & Health Magazine”. It is well deserved! I will definitely be returning.

I highly recommend this treasure in Freestone, California. Experience the bliss for yourself and see how your body, mind and spirit respond! (Mention my name if you book a service.)

Click on the image below for a relaxing virtual experience of the spa (and more)! 













Greener Printer *

I’m adding this to my “Highly Recommend” list for you, as a sustainable option for printing paper products you might need! The printing industry still sacrifices so many trees every year, it’s beyond comprehension.

That’s why I researched an alternative and discovered this wonderful company that I highly recommend! Excellent diversity of services for all your printing needs with 100% recycled paper and other non-tree paper options, and non-toxic inks, excellent customer service and quick turnaround from order to delivery with exceptional quality! You can see my business card (that I fully customized myself) below as an example (Note: I agreed to allow their own info to go on my business cards, to further promote sustainability, but that’s completely optional). 

Sacred Earth Connection business card Front

 Sacred Earth Connection business card Back



Every choice we make has a huge ripple effect and choosing sustainable printing benefits so many more than you can imagine! (Just one tree being is an entire ecosystem who provides food and shelter for countless species, also provides oxygen, prevents erosion, absorbs global-warming carbon, not to mention how much wisdom, healing and beautiful connections they offer for our hearts, minds, bodies & spirits, and more!) 

Click on the image below to browse their wonderful diversity of services!…