MOSSES teach: Hidden Gifts of our Shadows [video]…

AK mosses

This is officially the beginning of Sacred Earth Connection™ videos! I chose to launch the first video today, on one of Nature's most significant days this year: it's not only the Equinox, but also a New "supermoon" Moon AND Solar Eclipse! In Alaska, we're now welcoming the Spring season.     The launch of this first video is aligned with the energies that invite us to emerge from obscurity into the light of visibility, like the plants that push through the dark soil … [Read more...]

A tribute to Nature way up north (in words and photos)…

AK season Autumn

I'm sharing the seasonal treasures of Alaska's landscapes with you today... I feel so enthralled by Nature's wonders and beauty every single day. I just never imagined how it would captivate me this much, so far up north - Mother Earth never ceases to awe-maze me... I feel so blessed to have been able to witness and experience the glory of Alaska's wild landscapes in all their seasonal changes... a place I never planned to travel to in this life... and then Michael changed all that (so … [Read more...]

♥ Miracle of the Day ♥


This one little bird makes it officially spring for me!... Migrating birds are truly amazing. Like clockwork, they show up again in spring after a long winter. For years I would hear a robin begin to sing in my city backyard exactly on March 30. It always left me in wonder, at how precisely timed it was with returning to its northern range to raise a family!... The American robin has always been my "spring bird". To hear and see this beautiful songbird has always been my official sign … [Read more...]

♥ Miracle of the Day ♥


The season dances into a new one today!... For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Spring officially arrives today... for those of the southern hemisphere, Autumn officially arrives today... I wish you a wonderful Equinox wherever you are! For me, it felt like Spring arrived on March 3rd when I landed in California and experienced the glorious landscape and wildlife (including the song of robins by day and frogs by night) in the Yosemite Nat'l Park area where I was for 2 glorious … [Read more...]

♥ Miracle of the Day ♥


Winter's germinating seeds... It's so amazing that winter, a season of more cold and darkness in many countries, is the season when seeds begin to wake up and germinate within the earth... As the sun's arch gets wider in the sky every day, the lengthening daylight stimulates the dormant seeds into awakening... By the time spring arrives, they are ready to burst and push through the soil towards the light, to become their magnificence... For some they'll live an entire life cycle … [Read more...]

♥ Miracle of the Day ♥


Winter's miraculous wonders... This gorgeous butterfly, known as a Milbert's tortoiseshell does something that is truly amazing for butterflies... It actually hibernates as an adult in Canada's freezing winter temperatures, by freezing completely!... Several species of this family of butterflies all do this... They find a sheltered location like a crevice in a tree, rock pile or buildings, to protect their fragile wings from the weather elements. Then they perch there and go dormant and … [Read more...]