MOSSES teach: Hidden Gifts of our Shadows [video]…

AK mosses

This is officially the beginning of Sacred Earth Connection™ videos! I chose to launch the first video today, on one of Nature's most significant days this year: it's not only the Equinox, but also a New "supermoon" Moon AND Solar Eclipse! In Alaska, we're now welcoming the Spring season.     The launch of this first video is aligned with the energies that invite us to emerge from obscurity into the light of visibility, like the plants that push through the dark soil … [Read more...]



The gifts of our shadows... Every time we step more into who we truly are (not who we think we are), we become more radiant - our inner light shines more. The more light shines, the more it reveals our shadows... and that's a gift! It's what wants to be transformed. Our shadows are all those aspects of us that create disharmony within us - our fears, our self-doubts, our insecurities, our "issues", our triggers... They show up so that we become aware of them and can transform them into … [Read more...]