SEASONS teach: Change is an Essential Blessing [video]…

AK season Autumn

If you're someone who tends to resist change or you find yourself facing change that pushes you way beyond your comfort zone, may this video encourage you, by providing a different perspective from Nature. As Nature beings ourselves, our natural environments and their inhabitants continuously impart wisdom to assist us on our paths of life, in everyday life.     While change is a phenomenon that can make us feel all sorts, from excited or joyful to extremely stressed or … [Read more...]

The cataclysmic power of Storm within our lives…

sacred element STORM image signatures

The sacred element of Storm governs our Wholeness, combining all first four sacred elements to work together in harmony. While it can appear to be chaos when it shows up, it actually creates beneficial change, encouraging continued (and accelerated) personal growth. With awareness, we can courageously embrace it and receive the gifts it brings to our lives on all levels, as the following personal story demonstrates (in a more extreme example)…     Towards the end of … [Read more...]

The powerful sacred gift of our Physical bodies…

sacred element EARTH image signatures

The power of our Physical bodies has unfortunately been enshrouded in untruths, shame and controversy throughout history and our present time. When we remember, as a collective, how sacred our physical bodies are, the entire world will benefit from this. The following personal story conveys the immense power of our physical bodies, governed by the sacred element of Earth…     Until 2012, only a select few soul sisters knew about this experience, for it’s something very … [Read more...]

Sacred alliances empower our lives beyond our wildest dreams!…

DancingWind-Belle-original registered

  You just never know what incredible journey will unfold or what magick will manifest, when you receive higher guidance in some way, and choose to pursue it wholeheartedly—no matter how unusual it may be. It can take courage, perseverance and a lot of trust and patience. However, trusting in that divine support will reveal phenomenal possibilities you didn’t even know existed for you! Our heart desires are always heard, and when you have an alliance with Spirit and Nature, so that … [Read more...]

Honouring a spirit guide: Bald Eagle (a personal story)…

Bald Eagle

While our greatest allies are our own sacred hearts, there's something so special about experiencing alliances with others from a place of love, with a shared vision. As human beings, we have an ancient alliance with the beings of Nature from all kingdoms. These beings can choose to work with us from a spirit level at different times in our life and are invaluable allies in all areas of life. I've been aware of my own Spirit Guides for years, and some have entered my life in more dramatic … [Read more...]

Share your beautiful Nature & Spirit ♥ Love Hearts ♥

Nature and Spirit Love Hearts

Do you know how dearly loved and supported you are? When we open our hearts to love, we allow for greater connections and sacred relationship with all forms of life. These beautiful beings of Nature and Spirit (including Mother Earth and Elementals) often respond to our open, loving hearts by showing signs of love to us, as heart symbols throughout Nature and other environments.     Regardless where I’ve traveled on our glorious Mother Earth, I’ve received hearts of … [Read more...]

“DEVIL’S CLUBS” teach: Beauty or Beast? Wisdom [video]…

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Have you ever had the experience of suddenly noticing something for the first time, even though you've looked at that person, animal, plant or environment countless times before? It's as if you suddenly no longer have blinders on, and you can truly see? We all have our own unique filters of perception. Our filters are continuously shifting with our personal growth and experiences. Everything we experience through our senses is automatically analyzed and judged, based on our conditioning … [Read more...]

FOREST GIANTS teach: Rewards of Life’s Storms [video]…

AK Black Cottonwood

It can be daunting at times as we journey on our paths of life and come face-to-face with experiences that throw us out of our comfort zones! Sometimes we can see or feel these experiences coming, but they still challenge us in some way, regardless of our foresight. Other times they unexpectedly slam into us, leaving us wondering how and why we ended up in those situations. It's not always apparent in the moment, why we're experiencing these storms of life. We might not understand … [Read more...]