Magick unfolds when we’re open to receiving!…

Cali vineyard wine tasting

Nature and Spirit continue to reveal this world’s wonders to me in the most surprising, delightful ways!... I recently received an incredible gift, totally “out of the blue” that launched me on an adventure, and it was the type of manifestation that always feels like there’s sooo much more to it than “meets the eye”! Michael and I have been feeling called to California, but it’s a huge state, so I simply opened myself to guidance about where we might be called to “land”, when it’s time. On … [Read more...]

Divine love shows up in countless, unexpected ways!…

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I’ve been spending less time on social media and more time tuning in with the energies of the winter season, observing, listening, receiving… always so empowering for me. Nature encourages us to do this, by example. During periods of rest, whether it's the winter or dry seasons, or during a drought, beings like trees, plants and many animal species, direct their energies within Mother Earth, where they rest and are nurtured. Being Nature beings ourselves (not artificial machines), it's … [Read more...]

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Nature and Spirit Love Hearts

Do you know how dearly loved and supported you are? When we open our hearts to love, we allow for greater connections and sacred relationship with all forms of life. These beautiful beings of Nature and Spirit (including Mother Earth and Elementals) often respond to our open, loving hearts by showing signs of love to us, as heart symbols throughout Nature and other environments.     Regardless where I’ve traveled on our glorious Mother Earth, I’ve received hearts of … [Read more...]