Let Nature’s Wonders Infuse You: Take a Virtual Hike with Lucille DancingWind… [video]…

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hile feeling and expressing love and appreciation has always been my nature, there are always even greater degrees that we can experience. Nothing increases the depth of feeling love and appreciation for something or someone, like their absence! In this particular post, I'm referring to our glorious sun!   It has been raining every day for over a week - the land really needed it. Then today,  I awoke to radiant sunlight streaming into the living room, creating dozens of … [Read more...]

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Nature and Spirit Love Hearts

Do you know how dearly loved and supported you are? When we open our hearts to love, we allow for greater connections and sacred relationship with all forms of life. These beautiful beings of Nature and Spirit (including Mother Earth and Elementals) often respond to our open, loving hearts by showing signs of love to us, as heart symbols throughout Nature and other environments.     Regardless where I’ve traveled on our glorious Mother Earth, I’ve received hearts of … [Read more...]

SUNLIGHT teaches: Miraculous is our Love-Light [video]…

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You're more like the sun than you might realize!... Have you ever heard about how plants do so much better when you show them affectionate attention and loving appreciation in various ways? Have you ever wondered why that is, or considered that perhaps they respond to love the way they respond to sunlight? Now that there's visible sunlight all day and night here in Alaska, I recently enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the shore of the Knik Arm water channel that flows by Anchorage. As I watched … [Read more...]

NATURE teaches: Personal Filters are Limiting [video]…

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Whether you're conscious of it or not, you have personal filters that are unique to you, and dictate how you perceive everything in life. No one else experiences life the way you do.  Our personal filters are most apparent when we interact with other people - especially in a group where we've experienced something together, and when we discuss it afterwards, we each have different details that stood out for us. Our filters make certain things prominent for us in an experience, while other … [Read more...]