Bumblebee reminds us Anything IS Possible! [video]…

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If you've ever desired or envisioned something, or received an inspiration to create something, but you've stopped yourself from attempting to manifest it due to your own self-limiting beliefs or due to being told by others that you're a dreamer, it's crazy or impossible - may this video inspire and empower you!  Join me and Bumblebee in a beautiful garden of wildflowers on the mountainous hillside of Anchorage, Alaska (special thanks to my soul sister Amber!). I also share a … [Read more...]

A 6-leaf’d Clover teaches us “Dream bigger than big!” [video]…

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As the sacred union between limitless Spirit and miraculous Nature, we, as human beings, are meant to experience the magnificent, the magickal, the miraculous - everything that defies logic, every day in our everyday life! It's living life in alignment with our divine, true nature. One of my favourite quotes, by Elbert Hubbard, beautifully expresses this: "The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.". It's so true! The more light-hearted and playful we are about our desires, the … [Read more...]

Pinecones’ impressive teaching about the truth of our desires [video]…

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As human beings we have the ability to look back on our life experiences. This can be such a gift when we do so with awareness, for we're able to discover patterns, "connect the dots" and see things from a greater perspective. We can see how much we've personally transformed, evolved, and experienced. It can also assist us in living more consciously in the present moment... When we see the impact that every decision we've made, has had on the rest of our lives, we also become aware of how … [Read more...]

♥ Miracle of the Day ♥


Sacred co-creations... There's something quite magickal about creating our own "anything". They become sacred manifestations... I can always tell if something was mass produced, created as part of a "the quicker the better" agreement, or created with loving intention and care. Whether it's furniture, a piece of jewellery, a meal, a painting, a house, foods, perfume, clothing, a sculpture, a yard, etc... There's a beautiful energy and soul to things created from inspiration with passion … [Read more...]



Beautiful rainbows... and the internet... Radiant rainbows have been showing up everywhere these past few days in the most unexpected ways. From reflections through manufactured glass, metal and crystal decorations, to reflections in the tiniest dew drops and rain. The one in the photo appeared after a mega storm on Saturday evening. I went for a Nature walk and saw it only once I reached the location where I received my "Spirit Name" of DancingWind, over 2 years ago... I see rainbows … [Read more...]