Sacred alliances empower our lives beyond our wildest dreams!…

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  You just never know what incredible journey will unfold or what magick will manifest, when you receive higher guidance in some way, and choose to pursue it wholeheartedly—no matter how unusual it may be. It can take courage, perseverance and a lot of trust and patience. However, trusting in that divine support will reveal phenomenal possibilities you didn’t even know existed for you! Our heart desires are always heard, and when you have an alliance with Spirit and Nature, so that … [Read more...]

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Sacred connections with human souls... I talk a lot about sacred connections with beings of Nature and Spirit on a regular basis... Today I'm featuring sacred connections with our human family... It's always such a blessing for me to connect at the heart and soul level with people. Yesterday I had the pleasure of connecting on a live interview with my dear soul sister Lori A Andrus on the Full Moon, and I'm celebrating our beautiful connection as an example of what's possible for us … [Read more...]