Live and Love with ALL your Heart – the power is within you!…

Facebook banner Bodega Bay California 2016

We live in a wonderous world created from divine love... This light and love filled photograph was taken at Bodega Bay, California last month. Four sacred elements are present in glorious forms: Wind (AIR), radiant sunlight (FIRE), powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean (WATER), dramatic stone formation and warm sand (EARTH)!   Sitting on the warm sand, bare feet happily buried in its softness, I faced the ocean and sun, smiling from the inside out… I felt deeply nurtured by … [Read more...]

Adversity reveals hidden gifts…

Arizona 396

When we're faced with what seems like adversity, it can be difficult to see any possible gifts within the situation! We feel like we've been catapulted outside of our comfort or security zones and we have no idea what the outcome will look like. It can test us on all levels and make us question everything. It's not easy to recognize that within the chaos, there is a reward - or many. What a reward looks like is unique to each of us, depending on our personal path. We all have … [Read more...]

Life lessons from ancient giants…

Giant Sequoia

Many people feel wonder at the sight of a large and ancient tree, admiring his incredible size and beauty. His age sets him apart from the younger ones, for he displays so much character, serenity and strength.  However, it's easy to disregard his very humble beginnings as a small seed. None of us can possibly imagine or know everything this giant went through to reach his impressive size and age, or to gain his great wisdom. Our own lifespans are but a fraction of this mighty being's. His … [Read more...]



Blazing wall of fire light... There's nothing like the sun's brilliant light to make everything and everyone look and feel more vibrant!... After an overcast day, a sunny day looks that much brighter and we feel that much more invigorated. The Autumn colours are really showing through and there's nothing like sunshine to bring out the vividness of the leaves and grasses. It's a blazing feast for the eyes... simply glorious!... ♥   With love and wonder-filled spirit, … [Read more...]



Resplendent colours of Autumn... While I love all the shades of green that dominate the Summer landscape, the fire colours of Autumn are such a beauty to behold as they radiate yellow, gold, red, burgundy, purple, orange, bronze, copper... simply glorious!... ♥ (Wishing you all a wonder-filled EQUINOX - Autumn for us in the north, Spring for you in the south!)   With love and wonder-filled spirit,   … [Read more...]



The alchemical fires within and without... For ages, fire has been symbolic of inner purification, transformation, creative and sexual energies, passion and spiritual light. It's our life-force energy, as flames of one fire. It maintains our bodies, minds and spirits on all levels. In Nature it is a catalyst for rebirth, burning away what needs to be replaced with new, vibrant life. Some of the largest trees in the world have evolved with fire so that their bark can withstand the heat of … [Read more...]



The creative fires of our awe-mazing home in the universe... To experience the presence of Mother Earth's creative fires that burst as lava and fumes from her liquid heart is absolutely awe-inspiring. I had the privilege of seeing Halema'uma'u Crater within Kilauea Crater during the day and then again at night (with a glorious hike within Kilauea Crater in between) with my dear Soul Sis Eva and Soul Brother Lee... It was simply WOW...!   I've combined my photo of the glowing … [Read more...]



Experiences that just can't be expressed in words...! I love places that make all the sacred elements so beautifully tangible... like this scenic view that I photographed from a trail in Kahala forest overlooking Pololu beach... Air (invigorating wind), Fire (radiant sun), Water (glorious ocean), Earth (hills, valleys, forest, beach), Spirit (the Divine permeating this awe-inspiring beauty!)...   With love and wonder-filled spirit, … [Read more...]