MOSSES teach: Hidden Gifts of our Shadows [video]…

AK mosses

This is officially the beginning of Sacred Earth Connection™ videos! I chose to launch the first video today, on one of Nature's most significant days this year: it's not only the Equinox, but also a New "supermoon" Moon AND Solar Eclipse! In Alaska, we're now welcoming the Spring season.     The launch of this first video is aligned with the energies that invite us to emerge from obscurity into the light of visibility, like the plants that push through the dark soil … [Read more...]

♥ Miracle of the Day ♥


Our sacred garden in the universe... I just spent some time star-gazing... it's a cool and calm night with a crystal clear sky... so perfect, it's amazing that it's All Soul's Night and no snow... The stars, planets and Milky Way are so brilliant, it simply leaves me in absolute awe... So many things are just impossible to describe... not even photographs or words can capture how much those experiences move us at the level of our hearts and souls... We feel it within... Gazing up at … [Read more...]

♥ Miracle of the Day ♥


Moonlight treasures... Many plants and pollinating insects such as moths have evolved to reflect the special light of the moon!... Most white flowers actually have no scent until the sun sets, and then the magick happens... On a still night with barely a breeze, their perfume gently wafts on air currents and delights the senses... enticing their nocturnal pollinators to their blossoms. Moths, such as this "Pale Beauty" are translucent white and in the moonlight they glow like … [Read more...]