DRAGONFLY teaches: Claiming YOUR Truth is Key [video]…

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If you desire to live a truly empowered and fulfilling life, one of the greatest things you must do for yourself is to clarify, know and claim your own truth. Without knowing your personal truth, you don't live your own life, but are continuously living a life based on others' truths instead.     Dragonfly is a truly magickal teacher in its two forms of life (water nymph and winged dragonfly), revealing a process that allows you to discover, clarify and strengthen your … [Read more...]

♥ Miracle of the Day ♥


Divinely created masterpieces... While everything created by the Divine is a glorious miracle that fills me with loving wonder and reverence, I discover particular creations at times that seem to burst with artistic joy!... When I first discovered this Green Darner dragonfly (in my former urban backyard of gardens)... I was in absolute awe!... Not only is its size of 4 inches from wing tip to wing tip very impressive, but the colour combinations are so striking and bedazzling! This one … [Read more...]