SNOWFLAKES teach: Connecting allows us to Shine [video]…

AK hoarfrost Nov.17.2015 signed

If you don't particularly enjoy spending time on your own or you're the opposite and you'd rather not spend time with others, I invite you to consider the snowflake's teaching about why both are important for us as human beings (and our world). Nature is such a masterful teacher, always imparting invaluable lessons to empower us, on our paths of life here on Mother Earth.     When I receive insights from an aspect or being of Nature, it's such a joy and honour for me to … [Read more...]

Instead of feeling anger, let it fuel you!…

McHugh Creek

Anger is such a strong and potent emotion. When we feel anger towards another, it's like sending daggers of energy, laser-focused and tangible. When two people have been fighting in a room, or when there's been war on a specific space of land, we immediately feel it in our own energy bodies. It doesn't feel good to us.  Imagine the power of using this anger energy in a beneficial way instead of a harmful or destructive way... I was hiking one of my favourite trails today by … [Read more...]

Rainbow-celebrating synchronicity…

Alaska Rainbow sign

Synchronicities and divinely timed signs are some of the most powerful manifestations on our paths. When we have the awareness to recognize them for what they are, they provide confirmation, guidance, encouragement and insights. They remind us that life is always fully aware of us and supporting us. We're all connected and never alone. We all have special signs that are part of our unique soul language. While they don't mean anything to others, they do mean something to us. One of my … [Read more...]

♥ Miracle of the Day ♥


Mother Earth, our celestial HOME... Tomorrow, April 22nd is known officially as "Earth Day". It's a beautiful gesture to take the time to pause and celebrate our magnificent home in the solar system and universe for one day. I feel that if every day we took the time to appreciate our planet for all that she provides for us daily, which "Earth Day" brings into our awareness, things would be different in our world, in a good way. People who are more mindful of their roles as stewards … [Read more...]

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The gift of being divine Nature - who is calling you?... Yes, we as human beings are also very much Nature beings, however, for those immersed in urban environments, it's easy to lose perspective of this... Regardless, life is always communicating with us... It guides us every day, reminding us of who we are as individuals and as stewards of this glorious Mother Earth. It reflects back to us all the different aspects that make us who we uniquely are. It assists us by providing answers to … [Read more...]

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Nature inspires all areas of my life... Throughout the past four decades, Nature has not only been my greatest teacher, but also my greatest inspiration!... Every aspect of my life is highly influenced by Nature - my work, my clothing, how I adorn myself, how I decorate everything from journals to spaces (even inside my car), places of residence, my environment, my artistic co-creations, my relationships and connections... Nothing I do, am or have, isn't touched by Nature in some way... … [Read more...]

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Inner knowing... Within our sacred hearts, we all know our own paths and what's aligned with our unique journeys... It doesn't look like anyone else's and it's not the easiest path to take... However, it's always fulfilling in the most profound ways... Nature teaches us this is no many ways... When we have the courage and determination to do what we know we must, regardless of what that might look like, we create sacred space for ourselves to fully grow into our highest potential … [Read more...]

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Bird love is in the air!... Ahhhh... I so truly love hearing the love songs of Nature! Just these past couple of days, the endearing Black-Capped Chickadees have started singing their mating calls!... These cheerful little birds spend the whole year in central Canada, weathering the most intense cold of winter!... and amazingly, they begin to call out for mates as early as February, still in the middle of winter! Their clear notes that echo on the winter landscape as they sing to … [Read more...]

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Red Pine tree standing majestically on Galt Island, Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada

Feeling the call... We all have the ability to perceive energies. It's obvious when we enter a room and we immediately feel what the mood is, based on the people present. It's pure energy. The more we fine tune this ability through conscious awareness, the stronger it becomes, and we're able to perceive energies from around the world. Energy has no boundaries. For two decades I've been allowing places to call me to plan my trips and even places of residence. I always know where I must … [Read more...]

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Sacred connections with human souls... I talk a lot about sacred connections with beings of Nature and Spirit on a regular basis... Today I'm featuring sacred connections with our human family... It's always such a blessing for me to connect at the heart and soul level with people. Yesterday I had the pleasure of connecting on a live interview with my dear soul sister Lori A Andrus on the Full Moon, and I'm celebrating our beautiful connection as an example of what's possible for us … [Read more...]