BUMBLEBEES teach: Absolutely Anything is Possible! [video]…


If you've ever desired or envisioned something, or received an inspiration to create something, but you've stopped yourself from attempting to manifest it due to your own self-limiting beliefs or due to being told by others that you're a dreamer, it's crazy or impossible - may this video inspire and empower you!  Join me and Bumblebee in a beautiful garden of wildflowers on the mountainous hillside of Anchorage, Alaska (special thanks to my soul sister Amber!). I also share a … [Read more...]

♥ Miracle of the Day ♥


The BEE... Without the wonderful little beings that we know as bees, our world wouldn't be the one we know... They pollinate so many plants that produce our food, herbs and medicinal plants, it would be a sad world indeed without these hard workers... They are also alchemists... producing honey from nectar... what the ancient Greeks called the "food of the gods"... They are also amazing engineers, using sacred geometry to create the cells of their hives in the form of … [Read more...]