Dandelion teaches us to transcend suppression [video]…

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If there's any part of you that you don't express, since it's different (would make you stand out) and might trigger judgement, criticism or other forms of disapproval, may this video inspire and empower you... Suppression has unfortunately been a part of life ever since certain individuals decided that it was best to control the behavior of societies, based on what they personally deemed to be "normal", "acceptable" and "proper" conduct. Suppression has infiltrated our way of life throughout … [Read more...]

A Pussy Willow surprise teaches about supportive Nature messages [video]…

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One of countless things I absolutely LOVE about Nature, is that you just never know what surprise awaits you to discover it! This is especially fun when you ask Spirit and Nature for a message, releasing it with love and appreciation and opening yourself to simply allow whatever is meant for you to receive!... I recently did that and the result really "blew me away"! While I'm always humbled with wonder at the amazing and powerful messages I receive through the infinite beauty of Nature, … [Read more...]

The fascinating divine “language” of creation…

froglike leaf

Throughout Nature, we see evidence of a divine "language" that creates everything. While divine love is the ultimate creator, sacred geometry is a visible form that creates divine patterns throughout life. These patterns of creation repeat themselves in such unexpected, beautiful, incredible and fascinating ways throughout all forms of life. I'm used to seeing the spiral, the hexagon, the branch, the pentagon and other patterns. But when I was quietly sitting with a beautiful large … [Read more...]

“Devil’s club” teaches us an empowering “beauty or beast” lesson [video]…

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Have you ever had the experience of suddenly noticing something for the first time, even though you've looked at that person, animal, plant or environment countless times before? It's as if you suddenly no longer have blinders on, and you can truly see? We all have our own unique filters of perception. Our filters are continuously shifting with our personal growth and experiences. Everything we experience through our senses is automatically analyzed and judged, based on our conditioning … [Read more...]

Pinecones’ impressive teaching about the truth of our desires [video]…

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As human beings we have the ability to look back on our life experiences. This can be such a gift when we do so with awareness, for we're able to discover patterns, "connect the dots" and see things from a greater perspective. We can see how much we've personally transformed, evolved, and experienced. It can also assist us in living more consciously in the present moment... When we see the impact that every decision we've made, has had on the rest of our lives, we also become aware of how … [Read more...]

Answering the call of landscapes offers us unexpected benefits [video]…

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Have you ever wondered why you gravitate towards certain landscapes while you don't seem to notice others at all? Or perhaps a landscape that never interested you before suddenly feels like you just have to go there?  Each of us has a unique path to live, with many allies supporting us along our journey of life. Some of these allies can have the form of landscapes. Each type of landscape offers its own combination of energies to support us. Whether we notice these invitations and … [Read more...]

Forest giants teach us the benefits of life’s storms [video]…

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It can be daunting at times as we journey on our paths of life and come face-to-face with experiences that throw us out of our comfort zones! Sometimes we can see or feel these experiences coming, but they still challenge us in some way, regardless of our foresight. Other times they unexpectedly slam into us, leaving us wondering how and why we ended up in those situations. It's not always apparent in the moment, why we're experiencing these storms of life. We might not understand … [Read more...]

Mosses teach us the hidden gifts of our shadows [video]…

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This is officially the beginning of Sacred Earth Connection™ videos! I chose to launch the first video today, on one of Nature's most significant days this year: it's not only the Equinox, but also a New "supermoon" Moon AND Solar Eclipse! In Alaska, we're now welcoming the Spring season.     The launch of this first video is aligned with the energies that invite us to emerge from obscurity into the light of visibility, like the plants that push through the dark soil … [Read more...]

Your love is sooo contagious, it will surprise you!…

AK Black Cottonwood bark

If you desire to live in a world that is governed by love-centered hearts instead of the opposite, but you feel discouraged by what you see or experience and wonder how any one person, like you, can possibly make a difference, this post is for you!  From environments to governments, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless when we look at the issues plaguing our world at this time. However, each one of us holds the key to transforming this world into what we desire it to be. That … [Read more...]

New Moon Solstice: celebrating (y/our) *L*I*G*H*T*!

AK Sun shortly before 3pm

What a very special Solstice this is, synchronized with the New Moon! :) Depending on which hemisphere you live in, you'll be welcoming the Winter or Summer season. Here in Alaska, the Winter Solstice officially occurs at 2:03pm and the New Moon is at 4:36pm, both on Sunday, Dec.21st (you can convert it to your own time zone here).     The Winter Solstice, also traditionally known as "Yule", has been celebrated for thousands of years, especially in the northern … [Read more...]