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Facebook banner Bodega Bay California 2016

We live in a wonderous world created from divine love... This light and love filled photograph was taken at Bodega Bay, California last month. Four sacred elements are present in glorious forms: Wind (AIR), radiant sunlight (FIRE), powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean (WATER), dramatic stone formation and warm sand (EARTH)!   Sitting on the warm sand, bare feet happily buried in its softness, I faced the ocean and sun, smiling from the inside out… I felt deeply nurtured by … [Read more...]



Experiences that just can't be expressed in words...! I love places that make all the sacred elements so beautifully tangible... like this scenic view that I photographed from a trail in Kahala forest overlooking Pololu beach... Air (invigorating wind), Fire (radiant sun), Water (glorious ocean), Earth (hills, valleys, forest, beach), Spirit (the Divine permeating this awe-inspiring beauty!)...   With love and wonder-filled spirit, … [Read more...]