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Sacred Possibilities is a powerful reminder by example of our true nature and our immense potential as individuals and as a global family. It demonstrates that anything is possible in our world for us, when we choose to trust our hearts and liberate ourselves from fears. It invites us to experience the immense power of our heart desires, love and sacred relationship with Spirit and Nature (invaluable allies on our paths of life).

Lucille DancingWind shares personal experiences that span decades of shattering boundaries of comfort and logic, to discover the miracles that manifest “against all odds”. These real-life stories are awe-inspiring, radical, mystical, controversial, humorous, heart-wrenching and extraordinary. She also reveals a wealth of insights gained from experience, Nature and Spirit, to empower you on your journey. 



Sacred Possibilities will enable you to:

• Trust yourself, life and your unique path in all situations.

• Harness the boundless power of your intuitive abilities and energy.

• Celebrate who you are on Earth, quirks and all.

• Embrace your sacred, true nature – including your sensuality and sexuality.

• Discover your personal key to living the life you’re meant to live.

• Receive more of the miraculous and magickal possibilities that await you.

• Connect with beings of Nature and Spirit.

• Navigate the unknown with greater confidence.

• Understand your fears.

• Witness how the Divine delights in giving beyond our wildest dreams.

• Know you are fully supported on your path.

• Gain a greater perspective of our multi-dimensional, conscious world.



What readers are saying about Sacred Possibilities…

(Published June 25, 2014 – reviews posted with permission from Amazon, Facebook, website & email contact)


“Lucille, Thank you so much for being you. Thank you for your courage in writing your self-empowerment book and for sharing your stories and inspiring us all to go to the next new way of being. Your book is so powerful in guiding us to listen to spiritual guidance and validating of how well all of us are supported by divine Spirit. It has been life-changing for me, inspiring me to set my heart free, to let go of and surrender fears to the Divine, and deepen my connection with all forms of life, resulting in amazing, noticeable ripple effects. I’m going to carry your book in my store, so that more people can benefit from it. Thank you from the bottom, top, sideways and inside-out center of my heart.”

~ Suzanne, Alaska, USA

“Dear Lucille DancingWind!  

Your book was my loyal companion for many months; I finished reading it on this winter solstice night, which felt appropriate and divine. From the very beginning, I knew I was in for a treat. The flow and depth of your words drew me in completely, and called me back again and again. It was my treat at the end of a day to sink in, read how your journey has been unfolding, while learning from you, and reflecting on my own experiences. To read how, with your wisdom, you’ve been directing your life wholly, with great inner courage, intuition, open heart, immense sense of gratitude and appreciation, and deep listening; to nature, Spirit, all living creatures, and your own heart. You are thinking and living life with your heart and mind with great harmony.

You helped me in so many ways through my most difficult days and nights with your vast wisdom and great energy. I admire the harmony, joy, gratitude, and authenticity you bring with you to any environment you choose to surround yourself with. These qualities are rooted in your ability to love deeply and wholly, every living thing. You taught me so much about listening deeply, trusting myself with no boundaries, loving fully, feeling openly, connecting and sharing with others, embracing support, letting go of logic, and enjoying life fully. You kept reminding me how powerful I am, and my huge potential to reach whatever my heart desires may be, regardless of the circumstances. I am in absolute awe on the impact your book has had on my life. Love makes everything possible indeed. 💓 I love you dear blessed soul. Thank you for listening to your own heart’s guidance, and proceeding with writing this book!”

~ Neta, Israel 

“Thank you dear Lucille for taking a risk and putting yourself out there through your book. I’m so glad I was guided to it two years ago. I’m so inspired in my journey. And I have such a deeper connection with nature. I find myself rereading your book when I need inspiration and guidance. Each time I dive deeper and am guided to read just what I need. I find verification of what I’m experiencing and inspiration and new ways of seeing challenges. I am forever grateful.”

~ Michelle G., Virginia, USA

“Recently read your book, wondering what words to choose to write this???? Your last chapter and my life at the time of reading it, were so connected. Going through a really really not such a good time in my life currently, so I will say to you THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, your book was awesome. Sacred Possibilities is a book to read twice. First time you read it eyes to brain. Second time, eyes to heart/soul. Then watch as synchronicity occurs. Hecatu` I am so grateful I was lead to find your book. Looking forward to reading your next one!!!!!”

~ Rose T., Texas, USA

“In January 2016 I received ‘Sacred Possibilities’ in my mailbox all the way in Belgium. I am a very cheerful person, always looking at the bright side of life, writing books myself and believing in Magic maybe more than the average person… At the time I received the book though, I was facing some really challenging times… and so, by receiving this beautiful book full of Sacred Possibilities, the Magic flew into my Life again; effortlessly! What a gift this was! I had no idea that this book would resonate so deeply with me, that it would offer me exactly what I needed in that very period of my journey on this planet and that the synchronicities between me and Lucille’s life would be so big. Very often it felt like I was reading my own stories or my book in process… Zooming out and observing my life from the eagle’s perspective, I could see the Greatness of it all and I could feel how every cell of my body got infused with the Sacred Magic that this amazing woman and writer puts into her impeccable and exquisitely chosen words and inspiring stories… The state of Trust and gentle, sweet Love with which she sprinkles us all is as deeply powerful as an encounter with the most mesmerizing forest fairy; if they’d exist… 😉 I feel deeply Grateful that Lucille DancingWind crossed my path and that I got the opportunity to read her book. It is a true gift for this world. And because I love playing with Magic I just opened Lucille’s book at a random page and my eyes found this sentence: “When we align ourselves with our essence, we become a vortex of possibilities.” Truly magical! Because that’s exactly one of the main visions I hold myself. Mahalo nui loa!”
~ Sophia Govaerts, Belgium

“True stories of Higher Being… Lucille’s book Sacred Possibilities entertains and enlightens with divine Spirit in human experience. Each story catches your breath, boggles your mind, and tickles you awake, as you experience her truth and open up to perceiving you and life in a new way. It’s like you’re allowed to follow a magical being around (you are!). I know that Lucille’s stories are all true, because I witnessed most of them as cheering soul sister, peer, and fellow visionary trailblazer: brave living, not for the faint of heart. This book illustrates her extreme tests of faith, unwavering trust, tremendous courage, mind-boggling manifestations, and… a surprising twist in the last chapter!

Lucille truly is ONE with all – and living and choosing from that place. There’s nothing ‘cutesy’ about this shamanic fairy, who with gentle power dances with the wind, luxuriates in lightning, communes with hawks, and sees with the eyes of Spirit, right into the beauty of your soul.This book is a joy to read – and to revisit. A true companion for new living, and a wonderful first glimpse of what and how Lucille perceives, for those who feel drawn to work with her and are lucky enough to get a place in person. Her work and Presence change lives. You’ll never see yourself and your world in the same way again. Wonders happen around her. 

With love, gratitude, and appreciation for Lucille’s rare deep devotion and commitment to a world in union with Nature & Spirit. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this book turned into a movie, that’s how powerful it is. (Mark my words.) PS, I’ve read the ebook, but wish to have the hard cover print version as well, because it’s like a crystal that keeps emanating energy. Just seeing it, or holding it, or ‘randomly’ opening it to a certain page, will be a nurturing, energizing reminder of what it stands for.”

~ Tanya von Zychlinsky, England

“Your book is absolutely amazing and has opened my eyes to new ways of perceiving! I recently finished and plan on reading it again in July. Many times when things have been rocky I have recalled chapters in the book and it has given me a sense of calm and peace. It has been a gift to me and I hope it finds its way to many others as well. Thank you for sharing yourself so openly. What you have to share is so needed at this point in time on so many levels. You come from such a heartfelt place. Blessings.”


  ~ Seanora, New York, USA 

“I read your book more than a month ago and I have been in awe ever since. I could not put it down as the more I read, the more it seemed like a reflection of things that happened in my life. It was at once strange, frightening, exhilarating, and liberating. You beautifully capture the essence and commonality of the unity of spirit that flows through all. There was a statement in the book that just captured me. “An empowered person is difficult to control by anyone or any means.” This has become as a mantra for me because it so perfectly sums up the meaning of true freedom within Spirit. Also, you are very brave to expose yourself as you have but it just reveals the elevated state of your spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sacred Possibilities. It has caused me to look deeper into my own path and purpose. A great work. I look forward to more in the future.”

 ~ Nequai Jakaila, Alaska, USA 

“I believe this beautiful book found me! I energetically felt the sacred signature of Lucille DancingWind’s inspirational story touch my spirit like syrup for the soul. I felt blessed to journey page upon page of empowerment, as if Lucille herself was by my side urging me to remember the wisdom within me. Lucille dedicated her book to Divine love and that love shines brightly as a very deep connection to nature and spirit, that activates all possibilities and totally supports a life that you will love to live… “Together our heart desires form our soul’s Divine compass, guiding us to experience all that we’ve come here on Earth to do and be…” ‘Sacred Possibilities’ is a timeless navigation tool for all Soul Travellers walking their wonderful. Our purpose is already part of who we are today and Earth Mother nurtures this noble truth with synchronicity, symbols and signs – refresh your bigger picture, read this book as a bible for awakening and remembering all that you are and all that you are becoming… Namaste Lucille DancingWind for your contribution to the ‘Global Glow’…”

~ Editor’s choice review in Sage Magazine – Wisdom for the Soul Traveller 

“This book shifted something in me very profoundly. Lucille writes with such sweet authenticity. I found myself finding comfort in the parallels of her life experiences and my own. Her book leaves you realizing or being ‘reminded’ of our sacred journey and that we are never alone. I highly recommend this book.”

~ Shelley Craig, Minnesota, USA

“I am currently reading Lucille’s amazing book and I am reading it slowly because I don’t want it to end. I am finding it very uplifting. It has shown me so many examples of how trust can change lives. Thank you Lucille for sharing so many beautiful and challenging moments of your life. It really has made me trust that anything and everything is possible.”

~ Donna-Cherie Harrison, Victoria, Australia  

“I finished reading your book – I couldn’t put it down!

Thank YOU for sharing yourself so openly. You’re book is amazing and there are SO many things I connected with, especially some of your stories that could virtually be mine! You’re insights, sharing, and brilliant book is such a great confirmation for me, as well as, an inspiration to open myself up to being fully connected to the sacred side of life. As I embark on trusting and loving at more consistent and all-knowing levels, your book has been a gift. No words could really describe how much I appreciate you sharing your signs, synchronicities, following your heart desires, asking for signs, seeing them, and all that good stuff. Wow! Now, I’m inspired to journal in a different way… to see the path in a new light.

I even wrote a full blog article review on my website titled “Don’t start reading this late at night!”, because the book impacted me so much! It’s here if you’d like to see what else readers may deeply connect with in this book: full review

~ Melody Granger, Louisiana, USA

“Sacred Possibilities is a wonder-filled book full of baring personal examples of tests of faith along with heart-filled practical guidance and inspiration. Each chapter reveals another layer of trust, love and surrender to the unlimited possibilities in circumstances that most of us would stress about and collapse.

Reading this book helped me to strengthen my own trust in “my” co-creative abilities. This book is a love and faith transmission. While reading I actually manifested something that seemed impossible at the time just by tuning into the feeling of the chapter how Lucille is being gifted a necklace that she was in love with (but hadn’t told anyone about it).

This book is a true inspiration for anyone on the path of personal transformation and walking on the baring heart path to embody our true divine nature. Well written and magically composed it draws you in to remember, trust and start practicing and exploring on your own. I think I will reread the chapters just to tune into the frequency to remember that anything is possible.”

~ Antonia Wibke Heidelmann, Germany

“First I must say this book is wonderful. A month after I bought a copy, I fell into a very dark depression where I was seriously thinking about committing suicide. I decided to start reading the book, and by the fifth chapter, I had acquired a new perspective on life. I felt a lot better. I now believe my dreams are possible. What I also really appreciate is that the author teaches important things without ramming them down your throat. I want to thank you Lucille, for writing the book.”

~ Christopher, Oregon, USA

Your book and journey you shared stays in my heart and gives me courage to hold on and wait as my vision becomes clearer of whom I am to serve. 

~ Jackie Trask, Alberta, Canada

“What a delight it was to be so deeply connected to Lucille DancingWind’s words and Spirit. I guess LOVE only binds. The book reads so well. The ideas just flow to understanding with great ease! This book has been helping me connect with nature, become aware of how it speaks to me and how we are one and the same, pure natural intelligence infused by love! Thank you Lucille for your courage and hard work. Your words uplift, caress and comfort my soul… a truly magical experience! Love you Goddess!!!”

~ Mayra McCollough, California, USA 

“One of my favourite books! Enchanting! I felt touched by her grace. Every page a testament to the magic and miracles that are always rushing towards us when we listen to our Spirit. I loved to read a chapter each night before bed to ensure sweet dreams… Thank you for sharing your sacred journey and its beauty with us, dearest wind sister.”

~ Shakaya Breeze Leone, Ontario, Canada

“Truly inspiring. This book infuses my life with loveliness! I’ve read it all the way through twice now and I find it lovely to just read bits every now and again. I take in more and more each time. I felt Spirit guiding me through my own essence language. I feel a connection to my heart’s desires – thank you Lucille!”

~ Mich, Pennsylvania, USA

“I couldn’t help but read a few words from your book, Lucille DancingWind… and then I was hooked!!!! I couldn’t stop reading! It was hilarious and brilliant at the same time. Brilliant, because it shows how well written your work of art is!!! This book contains wonderfilled stories and courageous examples of being true to yourself and following your inner guidance. You show that everything is possible, when you embrace the sacredness of your true being… I can only say that you left me speechless… your writing is MIGHTY good, it is very, very well written. Big time and BEAUTIFUL.”

~ Eva Annaluna, Hawaii, USA

This book warms my heart and touches the crevices of my soul – total soul food!  Not only is it magical on so many levels but it feels like this incredible book has a transmission to share.  I celebrate YOU Lucille, and all who receive nourishment from your sacred blessings. You are the embodiment of love and self-trust.”

~ Laura Hollick, Ontario, Canada

“This beautiful book is a huge blessing for all of us. Huge doses of love and inspiration illuminate every page! I have not been able to put this book down! Lucille shares her story with an open heart and a radiant spirit – her sacred signature reminds all of us that walking our wonderful, with a deep connection to nature, spirit and our Divine essence, activates all possibilities and totally supports a life that you will love to live. Just this morning whilst thinking about sharing this book, I looked to the ground and noticed a leaf in the most perfect heart shape… always, in all ways, choose love… Read this book to find new freedom in the power of positive choice guided by the Source of All That Just Is… “Creation in its purest form is not a logical process.””

~ Tanya Allison, Queensland, Australia

“I read your book and was rather surprised with your openness and vulnerability. I applaud you for sharing and showing the world what we are capable of, if we believe in ourself and in the power of the Divine. I love the energy and passion your book emits and the strong belief you instill in us, that if you follow your path with an open heart the possibilities are endless. You and your book are amazing!”

~ Rosie Bees, Manitoba, Canada