How Sacred Earth Connection® came to be…

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My life’s journey (over four decades) has continuously revealed the infinite power, beauty and magick of sacred relationship with Nature, Spirit and our hearts. It continues to amaze me. (By “Nature” and “Spirit”, I mean all forms of life in our divine family, including but not limited to humans and beings of the Animal, Plant, Mineral, Elemental, Angelic, Spirit and Star kingdoms and realms, and the Divine also known by countless names).

I was raised in the country, where I had access to a lot of Nature, both on the landscape and in the sky. I had fields, meadows, a river and forest surrounding me on our family farm. I could also watch the sunrise and sunset, the rising full moon, approaching thunderstorms, clouds and stars, and occasional dancing aurora lights in the expansive sky.

I was born with a” knowing” about life that was contrary to the religious beliefs of my family and community. This made life difficult for me since honouring my heart’s truth meant I was seen as being rebellious. I often felt like an alien on the wrong planet. I displeased many, for being different (a free thinker) and not wanting to conform to what didn’t resonate with me.

Nature felt so precious to my heart and became my refuge, dear friend and great teacher. I was free to be myself without judgement, surrounded by wonders and infused with unconditional, pure love. Nature kept my heart open despite the challenges, enabling me to continue to listen to and trust my own heart’s inner wisdom. It also connected me consciously with Spirit. I felt a deep love, appreciation, joy and reverence within me about life that I didn’t feel in other environments. The deeper my connection became, the more life revealed its divinity to me.

Nature taught me about our true nature as human beings, including our spirituality, sensuality, sexuality and the immense power of love and our heart desires. I learned how truly miraculous and magickal life really is when in harmony and how much support is always available to us in countless forms.

I’ve learned from experience that anything is possible and that everyone benefits beyond what we can perceive or understand, when we nurture a sacred relationship with ourselves, Nature and Spirit, based on love.

Throughout the different stages of my life, I’ve also learned how crucial it is to trust your heart’s guidance if you desire to live a soul-fulfilling life, and that often takes great courage. I could not have experienced all that I have, had I not trusted myself and life along my unique journey.

As I got older, I was invited to take greater leaps of faith and to navigate greater unknowns. My connection with Nature and Spirit has allowed me to accept these invitations no matter how great the risk was for me. In doing so, I’ve received incredible gifts.

Every wow-beyond-words miracle I’ve experienced throughout my life was a divine orchestration between my sacred heart, Nature and Spirit. I’ve continuously been shown that miracles can and do manifest against all odds, even when you’re given a 99.9% chance of a worst case outcome. All the magick I’ve experienced and continue to every day, is the result of a wide open heart and sacred relationship with All.

I’ve also learned that we can have sacred soul contracts with different landscapes and Nature beings, beyond humans. Many have called to me at specific times when I was ready for the next phase of my personal evolution, including ancient Chichen Itza of Mexico, magickal Stonehenge of England, the magnificent wild dolphins of Bimini Island, the beautiful stone formations of Arizona, the creative spirit of Hawaii, the wise giant sequoias and redwoods of California and the majestic mountains of Alaska. Their gifts have been invaluable on my path.

Every amazing experience I’ve had throughout my life, that others have initially deemed to be “impossible”, was made possible because I’ve trusted my heart and the divinity of life with a deep love, appreciation and awareness. It’s such an empowering, beautiful gift to have and it’s our birthright to have this empowering, sacred relationship with Nature, Spirit and ourselves.

As we nurture and deepen this relationship, we’re reminded of our true nature as multidimensional spiritual and physical beings. We also feel a special interconnectedness with all life and a sense of belonging – we never feel alone.

As a little girl, I always wished that everyone could feel the divine bliss which I felt when I spent time with Nature. Throughout the years, I realized that each one of us has our own unique path to live, and I fully respect that.

I’m here to empower those who desire to experience the infinite wonders, miracles and magick of life’s divinity and their own, with trust, by guiding them into remembering their true nature. This involves creating powerful alliances with Nature, Spirit and their greatest ally – their own sacred hearts. These empowering relationships will benefit them throughout their life, in everyday life.

It’s an honour and great joy for me to be of service this way, for life is truly so much more than we can even imagine!

I look forward to connecting with you, either virtually or in person! 

Additional note…

In 2011, shortly after I left my life as I knew it behind me to pursue my calling (that story, along with tons of other miraculous and magickal personal stories, is in my book Sacred Possibilities), I received the name “Sacred Earth Connection” from Spirit for my work. This website is its virtual home so that I may reach more people worldwide. However, I was also given a vision for its physical form and home after my dear brother created its beautiful logo that same year. It will manifest as more details are revealed, in divine timing. Sacred Earth Connection® became a registered trademark on April 5, 2016.

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