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As human beings, Nature is  crucial to our well-being. It balances our energy fields, aligns us with our higher senses and reminds us of our true, divine nature. 

Incorporating images of Nature in our synthetic environments, as photos or art, beneficially enhances the energy frequency of our bodies and spaces while we’re indoors. 

It’s not just about the images, but the energy conveyed through them also – for energy has no boundaries


A delightful message of appreciation received :


“Hi Lucille, here’s a couple of shots of your nature art in my home. I have to tell you when I gaze up at the tree, I have the sensation of lifting up, flying as you will. A very blissfull feeling. Seriously when I stand near your beautiful images, it never fails to lift me into a blissfull state. I’m so happy and grateful.”

~ Donna-Cherie Harrison, Australia

My images are available as fully customizable prints. You can have as much fun! as you desire to, with the virtual creative process, so that you may receive what perfectly resonates with you. 

It’s such a joy and honour for me, to be able to enhance your sacred space with images
co-created through my heart with Nature & Spirit, via camera and paint brush.


If you have a healing practice or love original art…

My series of 7 paintings titled “Soul’s Journey” depicting the chakra colours and elements of Spirit and Nature (seen below), can beautifully enhance your healing or living space. They can be displayed individually or together in a room.


Soul's Journey chakra series of 7


Each gallery offers a wonderful collection of images that can be combined to further enhance your energy and space, regardless of who you are.



(prints of my originals featuring sacred geometry and the mystical in Nature)

Sunflower Seeds 





























(including Arizona, Hawai’i, Alaska & California)

*** The glorious image you see as the background of this website’s pages is a photograph I took of the noble and wise giant sequoias, in Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park in California, USA. It felt divinely perfect to have these ancient sentinels hold this sacred space.