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“Dear Lucille, I just love, love, love receiving your newsletters! I receive so much support this way. And I love your playful touch. It’s so easy to receive your words and the intention or message or energy behind them.  Thank you for your bright and beautiful starlight that shines out as a much needed and very welcome beacon of power and truth. With love, ”
~ Michelle G., USA

“Dearest Lucille… I love that you always come from a space of such high integrity and absolute love and care… Thank you so much for sharing your magic and wisdom with us, for all that you are and all that you contribute to the planet… deep gratitude for you!”
~ Tanya Allison, Australia

“Blessings Lucille, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletters. This past one touched me deeply with all the energy this year is indeed bringing…”
~ Seanora L., USA

“Lucille, I really enjoy your meditation!… this is a beautiful healing journey and you are a perfect guide for people who desire to reconnect with Nature’s beauty and power, and the beauty and power of their nature!”
~ Shakaya Breeze, Canada

“GORGEOUS and relaxing guided meditation! Each time I listen to it, I hear something different, and each time I am able to let the stresses and tensions flow right out of me, and into the Earth. So amazing!”
~ Judith M., USA

“Oh, your newsletters are just beautiful. I feel like you write your newsletters directly to me, I bet everyone does. You have such a way of writing that it feels like a private chat with a loved one.”
~ Erin H., Canada

“I really look forward to read your newsletters every time! And I have to tell you that I was looking for a meditation the other night and none of the ones I have resonated, at all… until I got to yours! It was the only one from my collection that I was able to listen to and finally feel at peace! I just had to let you know, that’s how good it is, even if I’ve had it for years, it never feels ‘old’. Thank you for creating it.”
~ Eva Annaluna, The Netherlands

“Regarding your newsletter – Beautiful and harmonious as always. Love it!!!”
~ Georgina Carter, Canada 

“Just had to drop you a note Lucille to let you know how much I enjoyed reading this newsletter! Reading this definitely renewed my energy, and gave me some perfect ideas! You are an inspiration!”
~ F. Fossay, Canada 

Dear Lovely Lucille, Thank you for your beautiful meditation audio! Your soft, soothing voice weaves a magical forest for all my senses and lulls me to a deep restful place that soothes my soul…”
~ A. Gudrun, Canada

“Dear Lucille, Your newsletters are always such a “breath of fresh air” as I always read them during the day when I am usually at work. It is such a nice, wonderful escape to learn more about nature and our wonderful planet and you teach with such enthusiasm and passion. Your photos are always breathtaking and the way that you capture so many moments that most of us miss is inspiring. I am truly thankful for all the time that you invest in providing all knowledge and taking us away from our day-to-day lives with your beautiful words. Thank you so much Lucille.”
~ Michelle M., Canada

“Your meditation was absolutely beautiful, and I felt so peaceful, like I was really there…”
~ Melody Granger, USA

“I wanted you to know, I appreciate all your newsletters. They’re awesome!”
~ R. Bees, Canada