Bumblebee reminds us Anything IS Possible! [video]…

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If you've ever desired or envisioned something, or received an inspiration to create something, but you've stopped yourself from attempting to manifest it due to your own self-limiting beliefs or due to being told by others that you're a dreamer, it's crazy or impossible - may this video inspire and empower you!  Join me and Bumblebee in a beautiful garden of wildflowers on the mountainous hillside of Anchorage, Alaska (special thanks to my soul sister Amber!). I also share a … [Read more...]

A 6-leaf’d Clover teaches us “Dream bigger than big!” [video]…

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As the sacred union between limitless Spirit and miraculous Nature, we, as human beings, are meant to experience the magnificent, the magickal, the miraculous - everything that defies logic, every day in our everyday life! It's living life in alignment with our divine, true nature. One of my favourite quotes, by Elbert Hubbard, beautifully expresses this: "The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.". It's so true! The more light-hearted and playful we are about our desires, the … [Read more...]

Laughter is such powerful medicine!…

Spirit of Laughter signed

This is really an understatement - and scientific research has proved this to be true as well. I realized this even more when I initially posted this on Facebook. The response I received from such a huge number of people was so amazing! So many had been in need of laughter in that moment they saw my post. It enlightened me even more about the power of laughter. I'd felt guided to post that, even if the photo I chose to accompany it (created by me) made me look absolutely silly! Since the … [Read more...]

Miracles, miracles and more miracles…

Sequoia pinecone

At this time it can be quite easy to look at this world's chaos and wonder if we'll even make it another decade on this precious planet. Many have expressed their concerns to me lately. However, we always have the freedom to choose what we focus on and the media rarely focuses on the beautiful and positive. When we focus on what seems like madness in the world, our energy plummets and we can easily feel overwhelmed. When we focus on the love in our world, our energy elevates as we … [Read more...]

Instead of feeling anger, let it fuel you!…

McHugh Creek

Anger is such a strong and potent emotion. When we feel anger towards another, it's like sending daggers of energy, laser-focused and tangible. When two people have been fighting in a room, or when there's been war on a specific space of land, we immediately feel it in our own energy bodies. It doesn't feel good to us.  Imagine the power of using this anger energy in a beneficial way instead of a harmful or destructive way... I was hiking one of my favourite trails today by … [Read more...]

The power of love is beyond logic…

Alaska enchanted forest

By nature, we are love. We're also miracles.  Science can state the facts of observation, but in the end, only divine love creates and explains the miraculous. Science can't explain how two microscopic cells that unite, transform into countless forms of life, including human beings. They simply do, and divine love makes it possible -  it makes anything and everything possible. When we recognize the miraculous in ourselves and in the environments that surround us, we can begin to grasp … [Read more...]

Rainbow-light reminds us of our own divinity…


It's not uncommon to see people stopped on the side of a road to simply gaze in awe at a perfect, radiant rainbow arching across the sky. It's not often that something moves people enough to stop them for a moment from their hectic schedule, to simply enjoy the presence of such a beautiful sight. While it's probably very individual for each of us, rainbows definitely touch our hearts and spirits in a way that is unique to them. I personally feel that rainbows are the visible form of the … [Read more...]

We’re all divinely created geniuses…

Alaska I AM

When we look at the ancient science of astrology, we clearly see that we are all different from each other and not meant to "fit in" - at all. We were in fact, divinely designed this way with purpose. We are meant to stand out in the way that only we can - with our unique skills, talents, experiences, perspectives, gifts, characteristics, personalities, zones of genius and quirks! One of my favourite quotes from Albert Einstein is the following: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge … [Read more...]

♥ MIRACLE OF THE DAY ♥ (Day 25 of 33)


Our precious HEARTS... Every day I connect with so many beautiful souls through the heart. How blessed we are! Our hearts are priceless, not only in their rhythmic beats that sustain our life, but also in their infinite wisdom - that "inner knowing" directly from our Divine source that guides us on our paths, and our capacity to love to such great depths... Within our hearts we find everything that exists and through our hearts we can connect with all that exists. So many great … [Read more...]

Miracles are LOVE, not a mystery…

Heart stone with daisies, Sedona AZ - photo by Lucille (c)

Divine love, which is the highest frequency of energy in the Universe, makes everything possible. When we align ourselves with it, and believe or know that anything is possible... we open our life to infinite possibilities, including miracles. We can all feel whether energy is "heavy" or uplifting, but don't necessarily realize it's due to different frequencies. We just know how it affects us. Higher frequencies feel good to us and promote well-being, while lower frequencies don't. The … [Read more...]