Chapter 3: The Magick of Receiving
– Spirit delights in giving beyond our wildest dreams.


A few highlights of my magickal Arizona journey…
View of Sedona’s surrounding stone formations, from my hotel balcony.

chapter 3a

Wildlife and plant life in Sedona’s sacred, arid landscape.

chapter 3b

chapter 3c

chapter 3d

Part of the Nature trail I hiked almost every day.

chapter 3e

chapter 3f

chapter 3g

Beautifully blooming desert plants.

chapter 3h

chapter 3i

chapter 3j

chapter 3k

A heart-shaped prickly pear cactus leaf.

chapter 3l

The beautiful male hummingbird that did a courtship ritual above my head. :)

chapter 3m

A heart-shaped stone.

chapter 3n

Impressively tall blooming yucca spires.

chapter 3o

The stone formation known as the Bell Rock vortex.
(That I hiked barefoot one evening!)

chapter 3p

chapter 3r

The long and wow-beyond-words Nature trail with a view of it
winding around a section of the Grand Canyon that I hiked.
(The trail follows the edge of a deep cliff… I’ve never been so mindful of my steps!).
From my perspective, it’s the only way to truly experience this sacred canyon.

chapter 3s

chapter 3t

chapter 3u

chapter 3v

The presence of Raven.

chapter 3w

The photograph that turned into the image for my book’s cover.
I had NO idea when I took this photograph in May 2012 that it would, one day,
grace the cover of “Sacred Possibilities” (a book I didn’t even know I’d be writing!). :)
Life is magickal!

chapter 3x

More views of the Grand Canyon and surrounding desert landscape.

chapter 3y

chapter 3z

chapter 3za

The Grand Canyon at sunset.

chapter 3zb

Sunshine and rainbow orbs seen against a brick wall of Wupatki National Ruins.

chapter ze

The Navajo landscape surrounding the sacred canyons of
beautifully shaped sandstone and colours.

chapter 3zf

chapter zg

chapter 3zh

chapter 3zi

A perfectly camouflaged, small lizard on the sparkling sandy stone.

chapter 3zj

The beautiful presence of Great Horned Owl in Owl Canyon.

chapter 3zk

The mini Navajo rug in the Storm pattern.

chapter 3zl