Your love is sooo contagious, it will surprise you!…

If you desire to live in a world that is governed by love-centered hearts instead of the opposite, but you feel discouraged by what you see or experience and wonder how any one person, like you, can possibly make a difference, this post is for you! 

From environments to governments, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless when we look at the issues plaguing our world at this time.

However, each one of us holds the key to transforming this world into what we desire it to be.

That key is our own hearts.

Your ability to love in its purest form, gives you the power to create change and miracles on a daily basis.   

When we shift our perspective to energy and recognize the immense power of our divine nature, we understand that every action, thought and decision we make has an impact beyond our understanding.

When we choose love as the root of all that we do, we become an incredible force of change! 

What’s more, everything we do from that love is sooo contagious, and THAT is a wonderful thing!

I experience evidence of this on a daily basis and just yesterday was reminded of just how powerful our seemingly simple actions of love truly are…

AK Black Cottonwood bark

No matter where I’ve traveled on our glorious Mother Earth, I end up encountering discarded trash in Nature. Yes, it’s disheartening but it also fuels my commitment as a steward of Nature.

With the snow having melted away in one of southern Alaska’s parks and trails I love to hike, a lot of trash has shown up. So, I decided to make a difference for this sacred land that I love so much.

I brought a large garbage bag with me, with the intention of picking up every piece of garbage I encountered during my hike, including the parking area.

I stated this intention to Nature and Spirit and asked for assistance. I was guided to every discarded beer and juice bottle, snack bag, candy wrapper, full baby diaper and dog poop bag, fast food container, shoe box, etc. that was in plain view or hidden through leaves, roots and branches. I also had the company of cheerful chickadees and squirrels. Many places weren’t easy to get to, but with every piece of trash I put in the bag, I felt soooo good!

Instead of going into the negativity of all this trash, I went into the deep love I feel for Nature and Mother Earth. I experienced immense joy when I beautified Nature by removing one more piece of trash from its environment.

My actions did more than make Nature more beautiful. I could feel the energy of the space shift into a higher frequency with every garbage item I removed – even the smallest candy wrapper.

Every act of love is more than meets the eye. It creates highly beneficial shifts beyond our understanding… including expanding love and creating miracles.

As I did this, something totally unexpected happened, which burst my heart and mind with blissful joy and appreciation!

Other people in the park noticed and took some of their own time to pick up trash and contribute it to my bag!

They did so with big smiles and loving expressions of gratitude for what I was doing! From young skateboarding kids to parents with children, they felt moved to participate and I wholeheartedly thanked them as well. We ended up filling that entire bag and the environment looked and felt that much more beautiful for it.

We’re all so connected, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not.

When we see someone do something out of love, it moves us. Our hearts and spirits are touched at a deep level that reminds us that love has no boundaries. We feel its effects.

When those people saw me transform the environment they also love, one piece of garbage at a time, it touched their hearts in a way that inspired them to do the same and contribute in a way they could also.

Simple acts of love with a common desire or goal, connects us heart-to-heart and creates powerful change. 

By being the change you desire to see, from love, you invite others to do the same. It’s so much more effective than preaching or complaining.

By quietly, joyfully, and lovingly cleaning up the environment that is so dear to my heart, I naturally inspired others to do the same. 

I never anticipated that my simple actions would have that positive effect on others. I was so focused on my mission that I didn’t even know the few other people in the park noticed what I was doing. 

Love truly is limitless in its power to transform our world.

It’s really up to each of us to choose to make a difference, with one act of love at a time.   

Once again, I was reminded of the immeasurable power of love. 

We just never know who’s taking notice of our acts of love and being moved or inspired to contribute more love into our world in their own way.


With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

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