WIND teaches: Living YOUR Truth Transforms [video]…

Living your truth is your birthright. 

Each one of us, while part of the greater whole, is also an individual with a unique gift to contribute to this world in the form of our truth. Your truth includes your divine essence, what you stand for, your beliefs, your non-negotiable values and your morals. When you clearly know your truth, it influences your choices, intentions and actions. When you do so from a heart-centered space, it’s more powerful than you can imagine. 

Many institutions, societies, cultures, religions and people in positions of authority, discourage individuality on various levels. Instead of being celebrated as a unique expression of the Divine that we each are, living our truth is seen as a threat.




If we weren’t meant to live our truth while we live here on Mother Earth, then we’d all be the same. We wouldn’t have divinely created hearts and spirits that can express themselves, or minds that can think freely for themselves.

When we live our truth, we honour the divine gift of our life that we’ve been given, and we contribute to the awe-inspiring, miraculous tapestry of this incredible world that we live in.

Every time I feel guided to create a new Sacred Earth Connection™ video, I ask Spirit and Nature who they would like me to feature and what message this guest would like me to transmit.

This time, it was Wind who promptly showed up, vigorously waving the branches of the tree beside me and making the leaves shimmer.

The message Wind wished me to share was different than the ones traditionally associated with it, and I loved every aspect of it. Especially now, at this time in our world…

Wind is very playful with me, and when I chose a location to record, it was dancing around me, waving the grasses and playing with the leaves. I thought how perfect it was for the video – until I began to record and it suddenly became absolutely calm. So funny!

However, I did notice when I watched the video afterwards, that Wind did make its presence known once during the video, by waving the grasses behind me, at the specific moment when I honoured it with what I stated. It was delightful to see that unexpected acknowledgement.

Wind is a beautiful teacher by example, of the gift we give to ourselves and the world simply by living our truth.

I share a powerful experience I had by expressing my truth in a situation that is unfortunately all too common, and what the consequence of this was for me and others.

Join me now as I share the empowering message and invitation of Wind in this video. 



Thank you for watching!

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With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

Signature lucille



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    ♥ Thank you for sharing your beautiful Heart ♥

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  1. Tanya von Zychlinsky says:

    So beautiful, Lucille,

    I loved your words, the encouragement to stand up for your truth and for those who can’t stand up for their own truth. And I adored your pendant, which to me looks like THE perfect symbol of The Music of Dancing Wind.

    Thank you for sharing your rare and rich energy signature with us.

    Thank you for your perseverance with gentle power, transforming a world that was trained to toughen up – and is now shedding that tough skin.

    With a grin of gratitude for You and The Wind,

    Big Hug, xxxxxxxx


    • Dearest Tanya,

      A wholehearted thank you, for your so wonderful message. I greatly appreciate all that you shared. Fully received! :)

      My pendant is very special. I purchased it during my journey on the Big Island of Hawai’i (2013), directly from a very talented native Polynesian carver, who donates his profits towards creating a special school for children to preserve his culture (Tonga Island). I was deep-diving into the abyss of a test of faith at that time and this pendant was carved from whale bone, specifically the sperm whale – the deepest divers of the oceans (in the dark abysses). They have special permission as native Polynesians, to harvest the jaw and rib bones from whales that unfortunately beach themselves and die, and transform them into beautiful carved sacred objects. This pendant’s energy immediately called to me before I knew its story. It also symbolizes the sacred elements in harmony, which I love as well.

      Big hug of great love and appreciation to you! ♥

      Lucille DancingWind