Transform the world simply by being YOU!…

If you’re one who desires to see change in the world, but you feel overwhelmed at times (or all the time) about how any one person can possibly make a difference, this post is for you. :)

It’s all a matter of perspective!…

When we look at the issues plaguing our world at this time, and there’s certainly no shortage(!), the overwhelm kicks in, since we’re looking at it from a global and physical perspective. From that vantage point, we feel small and powerless in the face of such a grand scale.

However, when we shift that perspective to one of energy and recognize the immense power we have just by acknowledging and owning our divine nature, we understand that every action, thought and decision we make has an impact beyond our understanding.

When we choose love as the root of all that we do, the overwhelm, worry, doubt and fear is replaced by empowerment!

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It really is such a simple concept, however, it’s a challenge in a world that discourages individuality and self-empowerment, and instead promotes continuous distractions.

When we honour ourselves and our personal truth, and begin every day with the intention to be our best in all situations, we make an impact that ripples out into space and time beyond what we can imagine.

Every single one of us has the power to transform the world just by being our true selves (not based on others’ expectations but based on our uniquely divine nature). When we radiate our unique energy signature with love, we benefit everything and everyone around us (without knowing it most of the time).

I consistently experience evidence of this and one in particular made a lasting impression on me…

When I was called to spend 3 months on the island of Hawai’i in 2013, it was a giant leap of faith. I woke up one morning and just had to find out how long it would take me to walk down Mauna Loa to the highway and back up again to where I was staying. My body was suddenly craving extreme physical activity and I was determined to honour it.

No one around that area had done that before, so they found me a bit crazy to even consider it! I was so pleased to see that I was able to complete the entire circuit within one and a half hour before the sun got too hot. I ended up continuing this Nature exercise routine each sunrise thereafter, until I left the island.

It was a hike down and up the steep roads of the mountain, with brief breaks to drink water. It was so exhilarating to greet every day with Nature’s beauty and invigorate my body on all levels. It was my alone time with Nature and kept me heart-centered and fully grounded in my body. I enjoyed every moment of it, especially in the face of so many extreme unknowns.    

During these sunrise hikes, I got to know many locals. Shortly after meeting me, one neighbour asked me where I worked. I told her honestly, “This is currently my work.” meaning my exercise routine.    

I didn’t realize how true this really was until one particular morning. I was hiking back up a steep area when an older woman, whom I hadn’t met yet, drove uphill behind me. As she reached me, she stopped her vehicle, rolled down her window and said with a big smile, “I just had to tell you that you’ve become my hero!”.

I was stunned. What an unexpected greeting and honour to receive! She proceeded to tell me that she noticed me every morning when she drove to work and she was so amazed by my discipline and determination, that I inspired her to get her body back in shape. She started walking a short distance every day and was determined to keep adding more distance every week. Wow.

I never anticipated that my ‘crazy’ workout would have that effect on someone else!

I was simply honouring what my body desired, while empowering myself further. I was overjoyed and thanked her for all she shared with me, for I never would have known otherwise. It was a gift for me to receive that knowledge. 

This gave me a whole other perspective about the responsibility I had, to be me, in all situations of life. This applies to each one of us. We DO make a difference just by being ourselves.

We just never know who’s taking notice of us and being inspired by something we do or how we are…

Have you experienced evidence of how differently you affect others when you feel your best versus when you feel disempowered?


With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

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Thank you for sharing the love! :)
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