The power of love is beyond logic…

By nature, we are love. We’re also miracles. 

Science can state the facts of observation, but in the end, only divine love creates and explains the miraculous. Science can’t explain how two microscopic cells that unite, transform into countless forms of life, including human beings.

They simply do, and divine love makes it possible –  it makes anything and everything possible.

When we recognize the miraculous in ourselves and in the environments that surround us, we can begin to grasp the immense power that we have ourselves to change the world, just by being love in its highest form. By being who we truly are.

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Divine love, like all energy, is a frequency without boundaries. It affects everyone, in ways that logic can’t explain.

By choosing love in in purest form, in all situations (whether it’s self love or love for another), we create new possibilities for a world that is immersed in fears. Instead of spreading fear, we spread love.

One of my favourite Albert Einstein quotes is, “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

Choosing the latter opens us to infinite possibilities for ourselves and our world. It allows for even more miracles to manifest. Just the act of recognizing the miraculous aligns our energy with love, which aligns it with miracles. It’s a divine design.

One of my dear mentors, Drunvalo Melchizedek, states beautifully in one of his books how “True love has no limits“. I’ve experienced this in extraordinary ways throughout my life.

He also states something powerful that I’ll never forget reading. It’s worth sharing, so I’m quoting it directly from that book “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life – Volume 2″:

“In the late ’80s we did research to see if all healers might have something in common. We looked at many healers, most of whom used different forms or techniques. Just about every technique of healing known was present. Hands-on healers, psychic surgeons, Reiki masters, prana healers, medicine men and women, shamans… and so on were all present. We studied the energies coming off their bodies…  This was the one aspect that was the same in each of these healers, at least while they were healing. They were centered in… the primary chakra of universal unconditional love! … The healer’s love for that person heals, not their knowledge. … Healing people, healing villages or healing the entire planet is all the same. The only difference is simply the greater degree of love.”

As I was hiking Rainbow Trail to my favourite cliff today, I met several people with different types of dogs. I was amazed that every dog came up to me and kissed me as we passed each other. I had licks all over my hands!

I normally rarely see others on any of those trails when I go. If I do encounter people with dogs, the dogs usually stay beside their guardians.

Today, I happened to be consciously thinking about love as I hiked. I was fully feeling into the power of love in the glorious Nature that surrounded me.

I’ve noticed this again and again, how manifestations of love appear to me throughout my day to greater or lesser degrees, depending on what degree of  love I’m centered in, and radiating.

I can only imagine the immense shift we’d experience in our world, instantly, if every human being focused on and felt the highest form of love in our hearts, in synchronicity.

What’s one example in your life where you noticed evidence of the immense power of your own love?


With love and wonder-filled spirit,

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