Support can show up in unexpected ways!…

We always have an infinite amount of support available to us as we journey through life on our unique paths.

All we have to do is ask for it (for Spirit respects free will). 

Support can show up in countless forms, including an unexpected flow of resources, opportunities, connections, something we desired, synchronicities, information or gifts.

However, some forms of support can also show up in ways we don’t expect! They seem to turn our life upside down, to create disharmony or chaos, or to make no sense at all. 

monarch butterfly


It takes awareness, self-trust and trust in life, to know that what we receive is exactly what we require at that specific time, to support us and our specific purpose.

One perfect example of support showing up as guidance that makes no logical sense, occurred to me at the dawn of 2013. The following is a very short version of the story included in my book Sacred Possibilities

On the morning of December 30th, 2012, I woke up with the strongest feeling that I had to start packing everything I wasn’t using in the house. Just like that, I had this intense inner guidance that wouldn’t let up! It made NO rational sense whatsoever, but the feeling was so strong and clear, that I simply acted on it, starting that same morning.  

I began by taking down and packing everything I had on the walls. That immediately changed the energy in the house, from one of ‘settled’ to one of movement. Then I packed all things that were decorative and in storage spaces, including a closet-full of bags and boxes containing papers of all sorts, accumulated over a decade.

Amidst all the shuffling and sorting, four beautiful monarch butterfly wings suddenly fell to the floor beside me! (I loved to keep treasures gifted by Nature.)

I was truly amazed, for this was exactly what had occurred two years before, when I started going through my things, knowing I needed to leave my old life behind me. However, those particular wings of two years ago were still securely in my journal.

The monarch butterfly was very significant to me as a sign. It was so uncanny that both sets of monarch wings had suddenly shown up in the middle of winter, while I was preparing for a move – without knowing yet that I would be moving.

More magick manifested as I kept packing, so I knew that somehow, I was in the flow of divine guidance.

Then three weeks after I started packing my things, I was told that the house I was renting had to be torn down…! Changes were happening with the property and I would have to move out.

Since I had already most of my things packed, instead of this feeling like “the end of the world”, I was actually relieved to receive the news. I now knew why it wasn’t crazy to have started packing my things, based on just a strong feeling that that’s what I had to do and trusting that!

Had I dismissed that form of support, I would have been faced with a very overwhelming situation. I could have felt like the world was against me. Instead, I felt fully supported.  

We all have specific lessons to learn and experience to gain, so when things don’t appear to be for our benefit, having this greater perspective allows us to trust that everything is exactly as it should be.

When you face challenges, you can choose to act from a place of empowerment or disempowerment. Knowing your own essence language (personal signs), and fully trusting yourself and life, gives you personal empowerment, no matter what the situation.

What unexpected form of support have you received that didn’t seem like support at the surface, but was clearly divinely orchestrated when you accepted it or were able to look back?


With love and wonder-filled spirit,

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    ♥ Thank you for sharing your beautiful Heart ♥

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  1. I came across your blog, and my life shifted into a different direction… Three months ago, while reading your blog, something beautiful happened to me. Out of nowhere, I got a message, from someone I had no idea at that time was attracted to me. There was something spiritual between us, and I have no explanation why he would always write to me when I was perfectly attuned to your beautiful words in the blog. Long story short, my heart has awakened and opened up for the unknown regarding that man. He was my coworker, he turned out to be someone I felt complete… Life has separated us tragically. I was suddenly injured at work, it was a tiny exotic island I had to leave. I feel as if your vibration in the blog was channeling my own life, transforming it, upside down. I try to understand but it’s hard, so it’s better to leave it for the heart to sort out and follow the sacred guidance. Blessings. Emilia

    • Blessings dear Emilia,

      Thank you for your beautiful heart sharing… My heart went out to you as I read all that you shared.

      Life is certainly full of surprises – some are blissful while others can seem quite “contrary” to what we would initially perceive as supportive, even though that’s what they are.

      What I can offer you as encouragement is that through all my challenges and great tests of faith, there’s always been a divine higher purpose to them. There’s always at least one hidden gift or reward in our challenges if we persevere and are willing to see from our hearts.

      Interestingly, many readers of “Sacred Possibilities” (I’m currently writing book 2, so less on the internet) have shared that they were guided to my book just before or during extremely challenging life experiences, and it has offered them incredible support and guidance, and given them the courage to trust and have faith, helping them get through it all. They’ve all shared that the timing was quite magickal and seemed orchestrated by the Universe (or Spirit). It can be extremely difficult at times to understand the purpose of our challenging experiences, but when it’s time, that purpose is revealed to us. I personally wouldn’t change anything about my life if I could – all of it has had great purpose.

      What you shared about your heart awakening and opening is so beautiful. Keep trusting your sacred heart and guidance and know all that you’re experiencing is serving your unique path of life in some way.

      If you’d like to read “Sacred Possibilities” or reviews, visit:

      I send you a big hug of love, blessings and encouragement! ♥

      Lucille DancingWind