SPIDERS teach: Letting Go is Wise not “Failure”… [video]…

As co-creators of our lives and this world, we’re continuously focusing our energy ahead on beginnings, growth, expansion and evolving.

However, when it comes to things that no longer serve us or appear to not have worked out (based on expectations or aspirations), we’ve been taught as a culture that it’s not a positive thing – it’s a “failure”.

Well, the spider has a different spin on this cultural view, which is not only wise but beneficial at all stages of human life.


Sunrise spiderweb signed


With the Summer Solstice quickly approaching here in Alaska, the days of long sunlight and heat are ideal for maximum spider activity. I’ve always loved them and they seem to find me, especially at significant times. Such as yesterday, when my husband and I climbed and reached the top of Mount “Flat Top”, I noticed I had a little spider crawling on me. :))

Today I honour Spider by sharing her wise teaching through this new video.

I’m also absolutely delighted to share a very beautiful rainbow-shimmering web at the end of the video, that I was guided to on a trail I’d never hiked before!

I happened to be the only hiker who ventured there, through a “nudge” (instead of continuing on the main trail). So the web that was spun across the trail, was still intact and waiting for me and the video camera, and we weren’t disturbed during the recording. :))



Thank you for watching!

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With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

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    ♥ Thank you for sharing your beautiful Heart ♥

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  1. phyllis bala says:

    Aloha Lucille DancingWind,

    It’s almost 4 a.m. in Northern California. I’m preparing Sacred Ground for a Medicine Wheel Program introduction class at noon today. I’m so tired but I couldn’t leave yet without opening your beautiful website at least to read one article. I love your writing and how you connect with nature. Spiders are pretty special folks to me. So sensitive they are. I wish I could watch your video but my computer is ancient and won’t play them. My imagination is running wild wondering what it looks like. Thank you so much for keeping us all connected in a heart-felt way through your caring, sharing, writing & film. Much love to you dear Sister spirit.

    • Aloha dearest Phyllis,

      A wholehearted Thank You, for taking the time to share all you did – I’m deeply touched and honoured by your words. A beautiful gift I fully receive with great joy and appreciation!

      A big Mahalo also for your own sacred work through “Sacred Ground”. ♥

      Sending you abundant Love & Blessings, dear Sister!

      PS – If this might provide a solution for you, I know some who watch the videos on their cell phones. :)