Share your beautiful Nature & Spirit ♥ Love Hearts ♥

Do you know how dearly loved and supported you are?

When we open our hearts to love, we allow for greater connections and sacred relationship with all forms of life.

These beautiful beings of Nature and Spirit (including Mother Earth and Elementals) often respond to our open, loving hearts by showing signs of love to us, as heart symbols throughout Nature and other environments.




Regardless where I’ve traveled on our glorious Mother Earth, I’ve received hearts of all sorts in Nature – gifts of love in different forms including stones, clouds, spiderwebs, plant and wildlife formations, shadows and sunlight, etc. 

Each one is so special and such a joy to receive!

I’m sharing a few with you here (from plant formations in the beautiful, diverse environments of beach, desert, and forest), which I received during blissful Nature hikes:

A fallen leaf near Honaunau Bay, Hawai’i (2013).

love Hawaii heart

A prickly pear cactus near Sedona, Arizona (2012).

love Arizona heart

Soft mosses near McHugh Creek, Alaska (2015).

love Alaska heart


I was recently inspired by Mother Earth and Spirit to co-create this sacred space,
so their love hearts can be shared by all of us from around the world,
as a beautiful message of divine love for all.

💛 💛 💛

One night just before this past Summer Solstice, as my mind wondered if I was really being asked to create this, I suddenly received an unexpected email from a dear soul sister in Australia, sharing photographs of heart rocks, saying she was thinking of me when she saw them! Wow – it couldn’t have been a more divinely timed, clear confirmation for me. And so I’ve honoured their request.

Now, more than ever, it’s so important to choose love, to live love (including receiving love), to be love – to expand our hearts instead of constricting them. Love creates miracles and makes everything and anything possible. I’ve experienced and seen evidence of this throughout my life.

We’re loved beyond words or measure, by the Divine, by Mother Earth, and by countless more beings of Nature and Spirit…

They remind us of this every day in various ways.

When we experience those times that really challenge us, as individuals, as families, as communities, as nations, as a global family… these beautiful heart gifts of love remind us that there is so much divine love and support in this world for us – more than we can imagine.

May these gifted love hearts ripple out into countless people’s lives, through us and this sacred space. 💛 


If you receive (or have received) a love heart in Nature or other environment that feels significant to you, we invite you to share it with others here, if you feel inspired to do so.

Simply do the following in the commenting section below this post:

Enter your Name (Email is optional).
Click “Choose File” to upload your desired photograph.
Add a Comment inside the box. (i.e. location, where you received your love heart gift, and if it has a special story you’d like to share.)
Click “Post Comment”.

(Note: If this is your first post, it will go through approval before it becomes visible in this space. Photos must be your own and you retain full copyright by sharing them here. Sacred Earth Connection™ and its founder Lucille DancingWind, are free of any liability relating to your uploaded photo(s) and comments.)

Heart Map heart for S.E.C. website.jpg I will add a mini leaf heart on the map representing your location (if you’ve included it in your comment). 


Thank you for sharing your gifted heart(s),
for living from your beautiful heart, and
for shining more love-light in this world
just by honouring who you truly are!



With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

Signature lucille



Thank you for sharing the love! :)
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  1. Tanya Allison says:

    This heart is very precious to me because it has completed a very sacred call and reminds me that all love is very very felt!
    It was taken at ‘Kata Tjuta’ located in the Northern Territory, central Australia…a place of ceremony for hundreds of years within the indigenous community…..I love to love….x

  2. Earth Empress says:

    Dearest Wind Sister, Thank you for this space!

    When I came upon this mysteriously heart-colored leaf on a dreary wet,dark and cold day I knew it was an affirmation that the Universe is on it’s tippy toes to excite and delight me!

    Shakaya Breeze

  3. Earth Empress says:

    Nature’s gifts enhance the gifts of our nature!
    Walk alone. Often. Against the shadow of trees, weave in and out between their bodies and remember how long it takes to Grow.
    This magical love heart stone gift was found during a beautiful barefoot walk through the forest near our home in southern Ontario. I feel the trees shimmer with excitement ‘She’s here!’ whenever I visit.

    Shakaya Breeze

  4. Tanya Allison says:

    Was so excited to see these beautiful hearts greeting us at the Temple of Angkor Thom in Cambodia….steeped in rich spirituality and sacred, I felt blessed…x

  5. Shannon Glashan says:

    Thank you Lucille for this blessed space! This past weekend my daughter Bella and I attended a women’s gathering up north in Buckhorn, Ontario. While out hiking, through a hemlock forest Bella and I were discussing ‘talking to trees’ when from the corner of my eye, I saw this lichen shaped heart staring back at me! We both sat with the tree and gave thanks for the love! ((( ♥ )))

  6. Shannon Glashan says:

    While walking along the Humber River with my children and pup, this love filled leaf caught my spirits eye! Reminding me of how much I have to be grateful for. ❤️

  7. While walking immersed in my thoughts, I suddenly saw this leaf. It stopped me in my tracks. it took me out of my mind and back into my body. I felt supported on my path especially when I looked back and saw four more heart shaped leaves where I had just walked :)

  8. I once spent the night at the beach together with a friend at the south coast of Ireland. In the morning we shared an animated conversations about the magical presence of Nature and what in celtic tradition is refered to as the otherworld. After our conversation I went for a walk along the shore while my friend sat down at the beach to watch the waves. Feeling inspired by the topics we discussed I began to say a prayer to the celtic god of the sea, Mannanan Mac Lir. I asked him for a sign in the form of a heart-shaped pebble as a ‘proof’ that this other realm truly exists and its inhabitants are aware of and communicating with us. After that I just went on with my walk, playing with the waves and only occasionally looking down to check for a pebble in the shape of a heart, but I wasn’t too focused on it and nothing showed up. I turned around and walked back to the spot where my friend still sat watching the ocean. When I approached her she got up and walked up to me. She held out her hand ad said: ‘Look what the waves have spit out!’ It was a white, heart-shaped pebble. I was speechless. My friend told me that it looked like the waves literally ejected the stone. I had my ‘proof’. Be it coincidence or not, I felt deeply humbled and in awe at that moment. And more alive and connected than ever.

  9. Today I honour my dear soul sister Eva, who transcended to the Divine LoveLight on December 20th. On this day in the early afternoon, her ashes will be sprinkled into the ocean off the coast of Hawai’i. I had the great joy of snorkeling with her many times in the crysalline oceans of Bimini and Hawai’i, with wild dolphins, sea turtles and other beautiful marine life. We also loved showing each other Nature hearts that we’d receive on land, in the air or ocean, during our time spent in Nature.

    This photo of a pretty heart-shaped coral, was taken by her while snorkeling in the bay at Honaunau, Hawai’i. She didn’t get the chance to post it here for others to enjoy. And so, what a wonderful way for me to honour her loving spirit with a Nature love heart from the ocean, which will be her final resting place on Mother Earth…

    I love you Eva. ((( ♥ )))

  10. Joanne Verrier says:

    After a beautiful but unexpected snowfall in Winnipeg, Canada on March 16… once all the previous snow had melted away and we were starting to see true signs of Spring… I was walking to work and had to stop, take in the fresh air and all the beauty that surrounded me! ♥ All the trees were absolutely stunning! Every single branch covered in about an inch of fluffy white sparkly snow! :) I couldn’t help myself but stop and take a few pictures of my surroundings. Even if it meant being late for work. 😉 It was truly worth it, as I even captured this beautiful heart formation on the melting ice. ♥

  11. I’ve just returned from a truly magickal, all-expenses-paid! divinely gifted vacation by/with my dear soul sister Amber. This photograph of a beautiful Nature heart (large clover leaf on a big mushroom) was taken at the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, in northern California. I had just finished playing my Tibetan singing bowl to the forest of glorious giant redwoods and its other beautiful inhabitants, and Amber picked up a discarded bottle we found, when this love-ly heart appeared to us! It lit up our hearts and spirits even brighter! :)