SUNLIGHT teaches: Miraculous is our Love-Light [video]…

You’re more like the sun than you might realize!…

Have you ever heard about how plants do so much better when you show them affectionate attention and loving appreciation in various ways? Have you ever wondered why that is, or considered that perhaps they respond to love the way they respond to sunlight?

Now that there’s visible sunlight all day and night here in Alaska, I recently enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the shore of the Knik Arm water channel that flows by Anchorage. As I watched the radiant Sun slowly descend below the horizon in golden splendour, way past 11pm, I reflected on the power of our Sun’s light, and our own…


AK sunset


In 2002, I realized firsthand that the power of our love is like the power of the Sun’s light. I’ve received confirmation of this over the years since then, through other experts including enlightened public speakers and avid indoor gardeners. We’ve all personally experienced this.

That year, in perfect synchronicity with my falling in love, my large tropical plant blossomed profusely for the first time in five years, and I didn’t even know that cane palms could blossom! Every day I was radiating this immense love energy into my small downtown apartment which infused my plant with daily doses of super love. Within two weeks of beginning this new relationship (which lasted nine years), I saw my plant grow two branches that each developed into six large pom-poms of fragrant white flowers! They were so fragrant that I could smell their perfume in the hallway of the apartment building with the door closed! It was a complete surprise, especially when I researched it on the Internet and discovered that there were no known cases of these plants blossoming indoors, never mind in an apartment with no direct sunlight! 

The highest frequency of love is equivalent to the highest frequency of light. We’re beings of love-light and have the ability to beam this frequency every moment that we exist. There’s no limit to what it can do. It uplifts, heals and creates miracles. It also inspired this new video.



In the spirit of divine love-light, on this last Full Moon of the Spring season, I included accelerated sunset video footage, so you can also enjoy the beautiful golden Sun setting near Mount Susitna (also known as “Sleeping Lady”) over the Knik Arm water channel (you’ll also hear the water’s rhythmic waves). May it warm your heart and spirit!

I also share a special gift that I received from Nature (and Spirit) just before I began recording. It was such a delightful surprise, I had to share in joy!

Thank you for watching!

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With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

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    Thank you dear Lucille – these messages and images do so warm the heart and spirit ❤️