OWLS teach: Silence is a Priceless Gift [video]…

What’s your relationship with silence?

Do you enjoy it and invite it into your life, or do you avoid it for it doesn’t make you feel good in some way?

Your relationship with silence can reflect back to you your relationship with yourself and the mystical.

For many, complete silence also means “not doing anything” and that equates to “a waste of time”.

Silence is actually an invaluable gift.

It’s a gift that also gets buried under the long lists of things to do, in a world where so much is going on all the time (in our outer environments as well as within our minds). Its gift gets lost in the white noise of life.

Some people find silence wonderful while others find it unbearable, just as some people love owls while others find them unsettling.


Owl Feather


Owl is not only symbolic of the mystical but also teaches us about the priceless gift of silence.

Over the course of my life, I’ve experienced the wonder of both silence and the presence of various beautiful species of owls in Nature.

Owls are masters of silence.

In this video, I reveal how they achieve their absolute silence, along with why silence is such an invaluable gift for us.

While I’ve had the privilege of encountering many wild owls during my time spent in Nature, I couldn’t possibly do these magnificent beings justice, using my own video camera to record their silent flight.

Therefore, instead of using my own footage as I normally do, for this particular video I’m using the footage of an impressive great grey owl, under license from Shutterstock.com (which I purchased).

Also, the photo I’ve shared in this post, is of a great horned owl feather.

May this video inspire and empower you further on your journey of life!



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PS – If you desire to dive more deeply into this subject to further master the gift of silence and receive its countless benefits, I invite you to click the bright green bar at the top of this webpage for “empowering gifts”, so you can have immediate access to the full chapter 6 of my book “Sacred Possibilities“.


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