Our divine gift of sacred co-creation with Nature & Spirit…

Have you ever experienced desiring something from your heart and you received exactly what you desired (or something even better)? Or have you ever had a sudden inquiry in your mind about something and the answer showed up for you in an unexpected way shortly after? Or have you ever wondered about a decision you needed to make and you received a clear form of guidance that felt divinely timed or orchestrated? 

This is something that I used to experience sporadically in my younger years and it gradually became an everyday phenomenon. 

It’s what results from living our true nature every day in sacred relationship with Nature and Spirit. It’s embracing our multidimensionality with awareness, so that we can fully experience our purpose as spirits in these physical forms. It’s bridging the mystical with the mundane.  

We become conscious co-creators in everyday life, with the understanding that everything we think, feel, say or do, matters beyond what we can fully perceive.

This awareness reminds us of our responsibility as human beings as well as the incredible gift we’ve been given.

AK Black Cottonwood bark

I’ll share a perfect and beautiful, recent example of this divine gift of co-creation that we all have as human beings. While this applies to all forms of creation, I love to create sacred pieces that support me and my work on my life’s journey.

My most recent co-creation came to life on the powerful Spring Equinox (also a New “supermoon” Moon and Solar Eclipse!). Everything aligned for me to co-create it on that significant day. Here is its magickal story…   

Since 2011, I knew at some point I’d be creating a sacred walking staff and I would be clearly guided when it was time to bring it to life.

AK Black Cottonwood being 

The first sign showed up in the form of a new power animal on the Winter Solstice of 2014. Diamondback Rattlesnake boldly showed up in different forms in my physical environment and in a powerful dream. I ended up acquiring a skin from this animal in a magickal way, but was quite appalled that this skin was the result of a practice that persecutes this animal simply because it is who it is. However, I was clearly asked by Rattlesnake to incorporate this skin in the co-creation of my walking staff. So I did a special ceremony on the full moon of January to honour the skin as a symbol of all forms of life who are persecuted on Earth simply for being who they are, for living their divine essence. It will be a reminder for me of an important element of my purpose.
That same full moon, as I began my daily Nature hike, I asked Nature and Spirit for a branch to use for my sacred walking staff, if it was time for me to co-create it. I had a desire that it be from a large black cottonwood (due to my connection with them here in Alaska), that it have beautiful colours and knots bursting with life-force energy, and that it be “storm wood” (from a source already apart from the living tree due to a storm, my sacred element, that would not require me to cut a branch). 


Great Heart
 I immediately felt guided as I began my hike, and ended up beside the giant cottonwood whom I know as “Great Heart”, featured in my last Sacred Earth Connection™ video about the benefits of life’s storms. I was astonished to find a giant branch on the ground that I’d never noticed before, with a smaller branch barely attached to it, already stripped of most of its bark, showing gorgeous colours, and already “cured” (naturally dried so it wouldn’t crack once indoors). It was not only perfect in diameter for my hand to hold it, but also the perfect length for me. I asked to ensure it was a gift for me to use and upon receiving confirmation, I gave “Great Heart”, Nature and Spirit a gift of love, gratitude and appreciation (a mini bundle of sacred dried plants I had created). 


Great Heart branch
I then felt guided to go to my favourite crystal store after receiving the branch and had purposely only brought $20 with me (I travelled light when I went on hikes, leaving my wallet behind). I immediately found the perfect crystal to be placed at the top of the staff: a phantom, rainbow quartz point. Like the branch, its energy felt so beautiful to me. However, it was a few dollars more than what I had with me, so I simply kept walking around the store with this crystal in my hand, wondering what to do – I really desired to have it that evening to clear and charge in the full moon. Then the store clerk approached me and asked if I was finding everything I needed and I told her I did, however I was a few dollars short of the price tag. She smiled and said she would give me a discount, so I was able to bring it home with me along with the branch! I expressed wholehearted appreciation to her. That night, I had another powerful dream, in which two other power animals of mine showed up. Bald Eagle and Raven each gifted me one of their feathers for my sacred walking staff! I felt so humbled and honoured by their significant gifts.
The following full moon, I did a ceremony to begin co-creating the staff. I lovingly peeled the remaining bark around the knots and lightly sanded the branch where it needed it, and really connected with its essence. It resonated so strongly with my spirit. Then I used a sheet of copper (significant as a metal that resonates with the Earth element) which I was unexpectedly guided to find that day. I used it to connect the crystal with the branch, infusing its inner space with prayers and intentions for my sacred work and its own divine purpose. I knew I would be decorating, completing and activating the staff on the powerful Spring Equinox. And more magick unfolded leading up to that day…
 On St. Patrick’s day, only 3 days before the significant Equinox, I felt I had to visit a new bead store for something that would be part of my staff. On our way to the store, I told Michael how this was such a magickal day for the Elementals, especially the leprechauns (I could so feel their joyful energy!). We had to stop at one place first and Michael returned to the car with a $20 bill in his hand and explained with a smile that he found it on his path! At the bead store, a beautifully carved green jade amulet depicting two other power animals of mine, Dragon and Phoenix, jumped at me, clearly asking to be incorporated in my walking staff. Dragon had started showing up to me every day (and has continued to do so!). I also found three buffalo horn beads that wanted to be part of the staff. The energy of the amulet was so incredible, and the $20 payed for it – a gift from the magickal realm of the Elementals. I felt so touched and overjoyed.
Then I was guided to go through my journals and choose feathers that I received as Spirit/Nature gifts along my journey in significant sacred places that had called to me. I ended up with treasured feathers that I was gifted within giant twin-sequoias of Mariposa Grove in California (2014), and during Nature hikes in Arizona (2012), Hawaii (2013) and my new home in Canada shortly after I’d left my old life in 2011. I just realized while writing this, that they’re all from different successive years leading up to this moment (that also feels significant).  


Sacred Walking Staff
On the significant Spring Equinox, I did a beautiful love and appreciation ceremony in Nature for All, and then did a ceremony indoors to complete my sacred staff. I decided to use elements from a medicine pouch I had created years ago during my old life, that I’d brought with me to Alaska, including leather strands from its long braided strap and some wood and bone beads. As it turns out, I had the perfect amount of leather strands and length to use without having to cut any or purchase more. I wrapped the Rattlesnake skin around the copper, created a feather bundle and fastened it all together with a leather strand . I then attached the jade Dragon-Phoenix amulet with another strand to the branch and added the third strand to create dangling tassels. These hold the sacred space for the etheric feathers I received from Bald Eagle and Raven, and they give me a sacred place to keep adding significant feathers/treasures that I find along my journey of life that desire to be incorporated in this magickal co-creation.
Its life-force energy is immense and I will charge my new staff in a thunderstorm when one manifests (I have a very special connection with lightning and thunderstorms). The crystal itself also reflects beautiful rainbows aside from the ones it has within it (you can see one near it, in the photo on the wall).
This is the longest blog post I’ve written, but I was guided to share this story today.
It also felt essential that I share the details with you, so you can fully appreciate how beautiful and magickal our gift of co-creation can be when we envision, desire and create from our hearts every day – including nurturing sacred relationship with others, whether human, other beings of Nature and beings of Spirit. Every co-creation is also a beautiful, unique process, and honouring it with patience and love, and opening up to higher guidance, creates magick. In my example, had I given my logical mind full control of creating this sacred piece, it wouldn’t be infused with the immense energy and significance it does now. 
 We’re so privileged to be the combination of both (spirits in a physical form), and to have incredible, supportive allies of both worlds, when we allow them to be part of our lives. We align ourselves with the sacred – our true nature.
Of course, this is an extreme example of co-creation, however, everything we create has the potential of being so much more than just another meal, another room, another garment, another trip, another object, another paycheck, etc.
Everything you create is important and matters more than you can imagine.
When it comes from within you as an inspiration with love, you’re co-creating from the highest level, and people can feel its heightened energy. It’s the frequency aligned with divinity, love, magick and miracles.
It becomes a sacred process of co-creation. Anything handmade with that loving intention and attention has the opposite energy of mass-produced objects, processed food, etc. that has “flat” or chaotic energy.
The more we create with awareness from that sacred space within us, the more love and light we infuse in the world. Your power to change our world is in everything you do on a daily basis.
What is one example that you’ve experienced yourself in something you’ve created from your heart, that emanates that sacred energy?
* UPDATE: In July 2016, a tragic forest fire, caused by careless person(s), swept through the area of McHugh Creek, and sadly, this beautiful beloved giant known to me as “Great Heart” transcended to Spirit. I felt his great spirit and love within me, as I sat in silence with his huge felled body… It’s unfortunate that he will no longer be able to greet hikers on Rainbow Trail. His spirit lives on in my heart, in my videos and in his branch that he gifted me over a year ago to co-create my sacred staff, which is even more priceless to me now. I feel very honoured to have known him in his grand physical form…  


With great love and wonder-filled spirit,


Signature lucille




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