BLOSSOMS teach: “Law of Attraction” is Simple [video]…

While the concept of the “law of attraction” has been around for some time in written and spoken words, Nature has been teaching us this for as long as it has existed.

It’s definitely not a secret and it’s not complicated.

By being with and observing Nature, we can learn absolutely everything we need on our paths of life.

A divine creation purely linked with Spirit, like our sacred hearts, Nature reveals all the answers our human minds might wonder about.


fireweed blossoms


Being the blossoming season now for so many native species of beautiful flowers, I was inspired to share one of my biggest “aha” moments in Nature.

It was actually in my backyard in a city, in 2003!

The very first native species of plants I placed in the yard’s soil, instantly revealed something that left an immense impact on me.

I’ve experienced the world with a different awareness since then, for it’s one thing to read about something, but entirely another to experience it for yourself.

Those first little plants were the start of an extraordinary journey, with this one simple revelation that I share in the video.

I realized how it has played a key role in all my life experiences, including every landscape I’ve visited, every place of residence I’ve had, and every type of relationship I’ve attracted to me. It also played a key role in my beloved husband and I finding each other, despite the distance of over 4,500 km separating us – it didn’t matter that he lived in Alaska and I, in central Canada. 

It’s one of those wonderful things that exists, is simply divine, and defies all logical “probabilities”.

Join me in a blossoming Alaskan meadow as I reveal to you what these glorious beings of the plant kingdom teach us in their everyday radiance.

PS – I also share some of that dearly loved garden’s treasures at the end of the video. :))



Thank you for watching!

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With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

Signature lucille



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    ♥ Thank you for sharing your beautiful Heart ♥

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  1. Ira Bekker says:

    Dear Lucille,
    Just this morning I decided to change my lawn (which had been sorely neglected) into a meadow, using plants from the hills near by. I walk there to retain my sanity and having some of it with the accompanying wild life will be perfect! Thank you for affirming this! I am also experiencing exactly what you are describing since surrendering to my life and am attracting just the right people into my life – with wonderful earth angels carrying messages and making connections!
    Thank you!

    • Hello beautiful Ira,

      Thank you so much for sharing all that you did – absolutely wonderful to hear! :) It lights up my spirit to know you’ve been inspired to change your environment into one that so many will benefit from, and received my newsletter as a confirmation in such divine timing! I’m also overjoyed for you to hear all the positive connections you’ve been making after surrendering.

      You also brought up one thing that I thank you for highlighting, regarding planting native plants. I actually purchased my plants from a nursery that specializes in native plant species. Ecosystems can be very sensitive, especially in this day and age where wild places are less continuous in the environment than they used to be. So if you desire to collect them from the wild, ask the land and the plants permission before doing so. It’s also always best to collect seeds instead of plants. The other choice would be to find areas where a species is prolific and to collect only a few of that species if you feel you have permission to do so. This will create an even more beautiful relationship between you, Nature and the Elementals. :)

      I send you a big hug of appreciation for following your heart! I would love to know how your journey unfolds as you co-create your oasis!

      Great love to you! ♥
      Lucille DancingWind