NATURE teaches: Personal Filters are Limiting [video]…

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you have personal filters that are unique to you, and dictate how you perceive everything in life. No one else experiences life the way you do. 

Our personal filters are most apparent when we interact with other people – especially in a group where we’ve experienced something together, and when we discuss it afterwards, we each have different details that stood out for us.

Our filters make certain things prominent for us in an experience, while other things aren’t even noticed. I find it quite fascinating!


AK spruce grouse


While being conscious that we have these filters is the first step in experiencing more of life, Nature continually reminds us that it’s so easy to allow our filters to dictate and limit our experiences.

I recently experienced a perfect example of this myself and discuss in the video why it caught me by surprise! 

This important teaching from Nature inspired this new video, with simple but effective tips on how to experience more of life, despite your filters.    

What’s so magickal is that, in perfectly synchronized timing with what I was talking about, a bird showed up in the tree beside me. It was completely unexpected! Since you can’t quite see it in the video but you can clearly hear it, I’m letting you know that it was a pretty magpie (the photo is of a spruce grouse). I love co-creating with Nature and Spirit!



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