MUSHROOMS teach: We have Extraordinary Power [video]…

It’s easy in this day and age to overlook the incredible wonders, the magick, the miracles, the extraordinary, that surrounds us every moment of every day… AND that we have within us!

There are so many distractions that infuse our lives in all forms of technology, media, expectations and countless thoughts saturating or minds.

In the face of all the issues that plague our world, one can wonder if there really is any hope at all for a better world.

Yes, there is.

The truth is, we don’t need a superhero “out there” to transform this world into the one we desire.

That superhero is within each and every one of us. 

YOU (and I) are the change we desire in our world, and that’s such a wonderful thing!

You might think that there’s nothing you can do and it’s up to everyone else, because you are “just…” or “only…” or “don’t have…”.

Allow me to surprise you with what you have to offer to our glorious world every. single. moment. that you’re alive.

On this beautiful Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, there’s no better day to shine that light on how extraordinary you are, in ways that might not be obvious to you!




My guest in this video are the beautiful and amazing mushrooms!

They are very humble-looking little beings who don’t stand out in their environment. Trees, flowers, animals, and other Nature beings get a lot more attention from people.

However, the roles mushrooms have in the environment is astounding. What we see at the surface can’t possibly convey to us the importance of their everyday quiet activity. Our world would not be the same without them. 

I also share one of my own personal experiences that made my jaw drop in 2013, and its impact now influences me every day.

This video was an “on the spot” surprise recording, since it’s not the season yet for the more familiar types of mushrooms. Yet, I felt so strongly guided by Nature and Spirit to record a video featuring the mushrooms on that day. The Elementals were also bursting with energy (it was contagious!). I did have the video camera in my packsack, so I allowed them to guide me.

I discovered trails I’d never noticed before, met amazing tree beings and after a while of hiking without a living mushroom in sight… I ended up face-to-face with a large stump covered with a colony of mushrooms! I had to be creative since I didn’t bring the tripod with me, but I was provided with a perfectly located tree whose branches gave the video camera its required support at the right level! They playful wind was also kind enough to not interfere with the audio. 

Join me now in Alaska, as I present to you the mushrooms’ beautiful wisdom.



Thank you for watching!

If you enjoyed this video and know others who might benefit from it, do share!

I also welcome your comments!

I wish you an incredible Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!


With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

Signature lucille



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    ♥ Thank you for sharing your beautiful Heart ♥

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  1. My dear amazing Lucillinsky, I LOVED this video and will email you more tomorrow about it with personal feedback, because – perfectly timed with the content of your video, I am giving my FIRST “Tea at Three”, venturing out from my online work – and being the visionary hermit – to allow people into my studio and sacred space to PLAY in PERSON in this new Creative Spirit Circle that I initiated. The first of regular enriching gatherings with no agenda, but filled with what comes through, very likely WONDERS, because I am already feeling that my space is filled to the brim with the Unseen, ready to party, teehee.

    I feel so blessed to know you and see you be your soul truth – and you so speak my Spirit language. Muah!

    Not only is it ‘ok’ to not know (what a freedom!), but ‘not knowing’ also opens the gateways to TRUE wisdom.

    To Infinity and BEYOND!!!! Lol.

    What I’d love to say here is that this is so you and it feels in my being like I have the honour of following around the shamanic fairy that you are and see Life and Nature from your very loving perspective. And watching you is like adoring art, my dear soul sis :) <3

    At first, I could feel a light impatience with the speed (or non-speed) of your talking, but then noticed within my body that it actually slowed me down to THIS MOMENT and right into our mutual Presence.

    Thank you. Keep doing what you are doing. This is a BIG contribution to re-membrance – and a blessing for so many.

    My heart wells over with sisterhood, love, and angel giggles for you,

    oxo Tanya

    PS Ok, I better get ready for my own contribution to prepare the space energetically.

    • Hello dear Tanya!

      What a joyous surprise to have your wonderous presence on this post! Big heart smiles!

      Thank you so much for your beautiful, wholehearted sharing! So wonderful to receive all that you took the time to write!

      Yay! I’m so delighted to hear about your own “coming out of the visionary hermit closet”! 😉 I celebrate with you! It’s time, and I’m overjoyed by the synchronicity of this video’s message for you. Divinity’s magick at work. :)

      I thank you for all that you expressed, for I don’t script anything. I tried with my first video and the wind made it impossible, lol! I wasn’t meant to, so I simply let it flow through me… the knowledge, inspiration, messages, from Nature and Spirit. I didn’t know I could do that. But it feels so good to my heart and spirit, to be working in sacred relationship with Nature and Spirit this way. Just one more way of so many, that we can collaborate together to benefit many.

      Blessed and so happy to have you as a soul sister!

      Enjoy your Creative Spirit Circle – sounds divinely you and I’m excited for you!

      Much love and a big soul hug!
      Lucille DancingWind xox