LEAF-SHEDDING TREES teach: Empowering Well-Being Ritual… [video]…

When I felt inspired to include the powerful significance of the upcoming Equinoxes in my newsletter for the quarter moon phase, I suddenly understood the divine timing of the leafless trees, who guided me to feature them and their teaching in my new video. Their wisdom is a perfect compliment to the Equinoxes.


Leafless Tree


It’s funny – despite being a visionary by nature, since I focus predominantly on the present, I don’t always “clue in” about the purposefulness and relationship between everything I’m guided to do, until all the dots suddenly connect in my awareness. I love how everything reveals itself when it’s time, always delighting me!

While the word “ritual” is often associated with religion, it’s simply something that we do on a regular basis with purpose, to empower ourselves or some aspect of our life. It can truly empower us on our journey of life, when we do it with intention, from the heart. Our well-being benefits many more than ourselves. 

The leafless trees’ empowering teaching in this new video is something that I’ve greatly benefited from myself, for as long as I can remember. With the Equinoxes on the horizon, it’s really a perfect time to bring you this teaching!

Join me now in the sun-infused landscape of Alaska as I stand with the tall ones and convey their message and invitation, to further empower your life!



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With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

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    ♥ Thank you for sharing your beautiful Heart ♥

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  1. Tanya von Zychlinsky says:

    Dearest Lucille, thank you so much for being a loving leader in the renewal of Sacred Earth Connection within each of us (since your Sacred Earth Connection has been conceived by you and is now blossoming in its freshness!).

    Yet another one of your so beautiful videos. I could FEEL you emanating the LOVE throughout and especially at the end.

    While watching and listening, I was thinking that EVERY SCHOOL, COLLEGE, and UNIVERSITY should have these videos for their biology as well as sociology lessons, because you not only bring understanding of how nature works, but also that nature mirrors our own nature and how to be successful as humans as well as a human society.

    Thank you so very much for your important work.

    Please, keep it going, this is the foundation for our new true way of living!

    with gratitude and much appreciation,

    and a BIG stellar HUG,

    xx Tanya

    • Dearest Tanya,

      Thank you beyond words, from my heart to yours, for your so beautiful heart sharing… your words so deeply touch my heart and spirit. I appreciate you taking the time to write all that.

      Deeply honoured by all you expressed.

      Great love & appreciation, HUG fully received and shared!

      Lucille DancingWind ♥