Instead of feeling anger, let it fuel you!…

Anger is such a strong and potent emotion.

When we feel anger towards another, it’s like sending daggers of energy, laser-focused and tangible.

When two people have been fighting in a room, or when there’s been war on a specific space of land, we immediately feel it in our own energy bodies. It doesn’t feel good to us. 

Imagine the power of using this anger energy in a beneficial way instead of a harmful or destructive way…

McHugh Creek

I was hiking one of my favourite trails today by McHugh Creek, up to my favourite sacred space in Nature (a cliff off Rainbow Trail).

As I went uphill, I was bathed by shining sunlight through clearings between forest trees, I was surrounded by singing birds of many varieties, and every inhale was cool air scented with the pungent fermenting berries that have fallen on the ground in leaf-litter. Big cottonwood trees, shrubs and plants greeted me along the path.

It feels like such a privilege for me to be able to experience this pristine wilderness here in Alaska, through trails in various parks protecting this wild and beautiful environment of mountains, valleys, creeks, rivers and forests.

And yet… whenever I go for a hike in this divinely created beauty… I find trash discarded on the trails or in the nearby plants…

I used to get so angry in the past, when I would see this in any natural environment I would enjoy spending time with. I was so angry at this act of complete disrespect from people, especially where there were trash bins nearby.

It infuriated me.

Then one day, as I meditated in Nature, I received this clear message from Mother Earth and Spirit…

Instead of being angry, let it be a reminder for me of my divine purpose here on this beautiful planet at this time.

Let this fuel my sacred work instead of filling me with anger.

When there is a disconnect, there’s a lack of empathy, of appreciation and of reverence. Whether these people don’t care, are lazy or are just unable to see and understand how their actions affect the environment and their own souls… it all comes down to feeling a disconnection.

People can’t care about what they can’t relate to.

While for me just the thought of throwing garbage anywhere but in a trash bin feels so against my nature, especially in Nature, it’s obvious that not everyone feels the same. My sacred earth connection work is needed for more reasons than I could imagine when I was first inspired about it.

One of my favourite quotes is: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” by Mahatma Gandhi.

What we each feel angry about in this world, is most likely intimately connected to our divinely given purpose.

Instead of blaming the cause of what angers you, I invite you to think about what you could do to begin a ripple effect that is the opposite of what angers you.

For example, by instilling loving wonder in people about the beauty, wisdom and sanctity of Nature, that reminds them of their true nature, I expand people’s awareness of something that is so divine, they can’t imagine littering in natural environments. Like me, they’re more likely to pick up any garbage they find instead! 

What hurts your heart when you encounter it in your everyday life through experience, conversation or the media? 


With love and wonder-filled spirit,

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