Let Nature’s Wonders Infuse You: Take a Virtual Hike with Lucille DancingWind… [video]…

hile feeling and expressing love and appreciation has always been my nature, there are always even greater degrees that we can experience.

Nothing increases the depth of feeling love and appreciation for something or someone, like their absence!

In this particular post, I’m referring to our glorious sun!

Nature Hike


It has been raining every day for over a week – the land really needed it. Then today,  I awoke to radiant sunlight streaming into the living room, creating dozens of little rainbows all over the walls (the sun is now at the perfect angle to shine through one of my hanging crystals).

It was truly awe-inspiring to see the sun shining again – it seemed that much more radiant!

I was bursting with so much bliss from this sunshine, that I was inspired to create a different Sacred Earth Connection video for you today.

I was inspired to take you on a virtual Nature hike with me to enjoy the beauty of one of the trails I love.

Of course, this means that it’s a much longer video than usual, but it wouldn’t do the hike (or Nature) justice if I made the video shorter (I didn’t even use the entire footage I recorded). 

In the video, I introduce you to a few of my favourite places and beings on that specific hiking trail. I also had the pleasure of sweet little animals of the forest visit unexpectedly, making a wonderful appearance in the video. And also precious… right at the end of the video, you’ll see an enthusiastically waving leaf just like I mentioned earlier in the video – perhaps the Elementals knew this would be the last footage for my video (the camera battery had no charge left after that scene!). It was priceless to see that – made me giggle out loud!

I invite you along in the sun-lit forest now, with great joy to be sharing this Nature hike with you! Also, please always tune in to what feels true to you. The things I share during my hike, are from my perspective, based on my personal experience and awareness. At one point I mention an extreme reason to deepen sacred relationship with the beings of Nature and Spirit, for it’s one that everyone can relate too. However, there are many more reasons to do so, that benefit us in countless ways, in everyday life. 



Thank you for watching!

If you enjoyed this video and know others who might benefit from it, do share!

I also welcome your comments!

I love that life continuously invites us to expand beyond ourselves through experiences, so that we may know greater levels of what we’re capable of. There’s always a deeper and greater “level” to what we know, and awareness allows us to consciously experience it.

I feel grateful for the absence of shining sun lately, just so I could experience the absolute bliss of seeing it once again!

How has life invited you into a deeper or expanded experience of yourself lately? 


With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

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    ♥ Thank you for sharing your beautiful Heart ♥

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  1. Thanks for taking me on this trip with you. What a clear pristine energy in Alaska… I am amazed you seem to never be freezing in the videos. I imagined it so cold. 😉 Chickadee cheers, *W*

    ((( ♥ )))

  2. Thank you dearest Wibke for your wonderful heart sharing! It was such a joy to bring you along with me! :)

    Hehe, yes, I also had that misconception about Alaska until I was called to live here and she opened my eyes wide with all her amazing wonders, yes so clear and pristine energy AND beautiful seasonal weather too! I feel blessed to have learned directly from Alaska what she’s truly like, by living here.

    Much love to you with Chickadee joy! ((( ♥ )))
    Lucille DancingWind

  3. With great appreciation and love for this beautiful posted comment I received on Facebook, regarding this video. :)

  4. Dear Lucille,
    This was so healing for me. So grateful to you for being YOU! ❤️

  5. Honoured by your beautiful heart sharing dear Michelle…

    I’m overjoyed to know how healing this was for you!
    A wholehearted thank you for sharing.

    With love and appreciation ♥
    Lucille DancingWind