“DEVIL’S CLUBS” teach: Beauty or Beast? Wisdom [video]…

Have you ever had the experience of suddenly noticing something for the first time, even though you’ve looked at that person, animal, plant or environment countless times before? It’s as if you suddenly no longer have blinders on, and you can truly see?

We all have our own unique filters of perception. Our filters are continuously shifting with our personal growth and experiences.

Everything we experience through our senses is automatically analyzed and judged, based on our conditioning and personal experiences.

We judge whether we like something or someone, or not; whether something or someone is beneficial for us, or not; whether something or someone is beautiful to us, or not, etc.

While we all have the ability to perceive beauty, what we consider to be beautiful, is also very personal to each of us.

Beauty seen through the heart however, is a very empowering ability to have, especially at this time. 

In a world where a lot of negative things are occurring, there is also great beauty. The natural environments and our own hearts, are a wonderful reminder of this.

Our ability to “see” beauty in the face of negativity, or where it might not be obvious, enables us to live in the higher, positive frequencies, rather than the denser, negative ones. It can help us feel harmony within when we feel “off”. 


A devils club


When we can see beauty in our surroundings, in ourselves or in those dear to us, it offsets negativity.

Our hearts allow us to also perceive what initially appears to be negative or ugly, by shifting some of that negativity into something uplifting and empowering. 

This is highly beneficial for us in our everyday living, when we’re continuously being bombarded by information and experiences that can drag us down. If all we focus on is the negative, that’s all we’ll see. 

Another very powerful example of this is when we’re able to see how a tragedy, crime, accident, bully, challenge, adversary or injustice, brings out strengths, compassion, love, cooperation, courage, hidden gifts, a sense of community, etc. in those that they affect directly or indirectly, including ourselves. (It doesn’t mean that we condone those actions or behaviors by seeing something positive.) 

In this video, my featured guest has quite the reputation and is a wise reminder of this lesson.

In most of the video, you will see the “devil’s club” in the dormant (overwintering) stage of growth, with a form that people see for at least half of the year before leaves sprout… but I do reveal a surprise!

Join me now in an Alaskan forest where I carefully and respectfully joined this well armed plant being (I was also delighted to be in the presence of many different singing birds, like robins, chickadees and ruby-crowned kinglets, celebrating spring!).



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With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful video….it touched my heart and reminded me to keep the window open to all possibilities……blessings Lucille