Clouds teach us about the supportive divine consciousness [video]…

Have you ever thought of clouds as more than just puffs of condensed humidity in the atmosphere? What if you could communicate with the divinity of life through the clouds? What if you could perceive the supportive divine consciousness in amazing ways through these master shape-shifters, as messengers?


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Clouds are my featured guest in this video, and you will see amazing formations in the sky through my photographs and video footage at the end… including a dragon head and full dragon, angels, a heart, a flying owl, and the heads of a wolf and moose with a rainbow connecting them (which I didn’t even notice until I was editing the recorded footage!). That’s what I personally saw – the images and footage might show different beings or symbols that are perfect for you to see!

I invite you to pause the video with the photos and the end video footage, and see what messages Spirit might have for you through these clouds I featured. Also note that when I say “Spirit”, it includes the Divine and benevolent lovelight spirit guides of all forms who work with each of us as a “team” of support (including Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Elementals, ancestors, animals, trees, plants, etc.). The divinity of life has many forms.



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