BUTTERFLY teaches: Chaos has a Sacred Purpose [video]…

In general, chaos is seen as something that destroys rather than something that creates.

It’s viewed as something synonymous to negative rather than positive.

Chaos in the way that I define it in this blog post and video, is any experience that challenges you through an unexpected or difficult change of routine, lifestyle, home, relationship, identity, security, etc. It requires that you stretch beyond what feels familiar and comfortable to you. 


Monarch chrysallis


I don’t know any being who undergoes greater chaos than the butterfly in its caterpillar form, and Butterfly is such a great teacher for us about this, by example. 

It’s a miracle in itself that the beautiful winged being known as the butterfly goes through such intense chaos to emerge in its graceful, delicate form.

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing and recording through photographs, the seemingly surreal process of the butterfly’s radical transformation through chaos. It was absolutely awe-inspiring!

To this day, when I go through periods of chaos myself, I think of the caterpillar’s radical transformation into a butterfly.

It’s pure joy for me to share with you these photos that I took of the monarch species (when I lived in Canada, 2005), in my new video featuring the butterfly.

May it inspire and empower you, when you find yourself going through your own form of chaos.



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