BURSTING BUDS teach: It’s all Perfect for YOU [video]…

If you sometimes feel… frustrated with a personal experience… impatient or “stuck”… or find yourself comparing with others… or “should-ing” yourself a lot… or feel like giving up…

This post might be a breath of fresh air for you!

I invite you to pause your life for a moment, take a long full inhale and exhale… and know that everything you are and that you’re experiencing, is divinely perfect.

It has purpose, far greater than you can perceive at this time.


bursting buds


In this world of constant comparison, it’s easy to forget that our paths are unique to us, as are all our experiences. They’re meant to be that way. When we try to “keep up” with anyone, we end up feeling disempowered.

I invite you to allow my guest in this video to infuse you with a renewed sense of empowerment.

Feel the life-force energy of the buds within your own body as you experience more of Nature’s wisdom.



Thank you for watching!

The nice weather has brought out a great number of hikers (which is wonderful to see!), however, it did result in a lot of interruptions in the recording of this video.

I was guided to publish it regardless of this, and hope that you still benefit from the message and energy transmitted!

If you enjoyed this video and know others who might benefit from it, do share!

I also welcome your comments!

PS – I love the synchronicity that unexpectedly showed up when I took photos for this post! Hexagon-shaped light orbs appeared in the photograph that I’ve included here of the Alaskan spring landscape!


With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

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