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Have you ever wondered why you gravitate towards certain landscapes while you don’t seem to notice others at all? Or perhaps a landscape that never interested you before suddenly feels like you just have to go there? 

Each of us has a unique path to live, with many allies supporting us along our journey of life.

Some of these allies can have the form of landscapes.

Each type of landscape offers its own combination of energies to support us. Whether we notice these invitations and choose to accept them is entirely up to us.

However, we can’t know why we’re receiving the call until we experience the landscape. In my experience, there’s always much more to it than one could imagine.

When we accept these invitations with conscious awareness, we’re better able to honour each of them, so that it becomes mutually beneficial for us and these landscapes. We can deepen our relationships with Nature and our own nature, through these supportive allies.


AK season Spring


Landscapes can call us in many different ways, but they somehow always tug at our consciousness and hearts. You suddenly have a desire to visit a specific place or a certain location becomes prominent in your awareness in various ways.

Most of my travels throughout my life have resulted from landscapes and Nature beings calling me. When they did, they made sure that I couldn’t miss the call. I not only became aware of this landscape or its inhabitants through conversations, advertisements in public magazines or newspapers, social media, movies, Internet or other means, but their presence became very consistent and insistent.

Sometimes it was specific beings such as the wild dolphins of Bimini’s seawater to the giant sequoias of California, while other times it was entire landscapes from southern deserts to northern mountains. With each invitation, something also manifested to clearly let me know when it was time to visit and ensured that I did. I noticed that the order in which each of them called to me and then let me know it was time, was also important in my personal evolution. 

It’s also possible to connect with these landscapes before you visit them physically. Energy knows no boundaries, so simply looking at photographs of the place or Nature beings that call to you and meditating or holding them in your heart and consciousness, can strengthen the connection. Once you’ve visited them you can continue connecting any time from anywhere.

Mother Earth has such a grand diversity of landscapes offering their unique attributes to support us – we are so blessed!

Since we’re all unique, each landscape can resonate differently with each of us, which is why I’ll refrain from listing their general qualities. You will know when you visit these places, what they have to offer you (either immediately, or later on).  

Different landscapes can include beaches, dunes, cities, suburban areas, towns, farms, deserts, deciduous forests, rain forests, cloud forests, mixed woodlands, gardens, hot springs, houses and other types of homes, lakes, ponds, marshes, wetlands, meadows, fields, mountains, oceans, shallow seas, prairies, savannahs, rivers, waterfalls, creeks, valleys, tundras and so many more as well as combinations of these!

The important thing to remember when answering their call is to do so free of expectations, with love, appreciation, respect and gratitude. Feeling joy and reverence further infuses the landscapes with high frequency energies. This is so beneficial to them.

I personally always leave a special gift for the places or Nature beings that I visit. These can be as simple as sharing some of my charged water, envisioning a bubble of love-light from my heart that I leave on the ground, or a mini bundle of sacred herbs (like sage, sweet grass, ceremonial tobacco, cedar) in a biodegradable piece of paper towel tied with grasses that I’ve prepared ahead of time. 

Join me now in the mountainous landscape of Alaska, as I share some of her splendour along with others’ I’ve visited in recent years. This video was taken at Portage Lake and Glacier, in southern Alaska. It just might be the start of an invitation for you!



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This video is dedicated to the immense beauty of Mother Earth’s natural landscapes and all that they provide for us. May we all embrace our roles as responsible stewards to protect these divinely created places in sacred relationship, so that they may continue to benefit us and generations to come.


With great love and wonder-filled spirit,

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    ♥ Thank you for sharing your beautiful Heart ♥

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous ***** this wonderful teachings ans insights ….thank you so much *****

  2. sharlene klymuik says:

    Lucille DancingWind,

    Love the videos they are indeed beautiful! Everything you write or say always takes me “down” ten notches….very relaxing………….thank you very much!
    I have been called for quite a few years to Kelowna and am planning a move there. However, my bucket list includes gardens in England, Backpacking in New Zealand, Australia, visiting Hawaii, Arizona, Churchill, Eastern Canada thus far.

    sharlene klymuik

    • Thank yo so much, dear Sharlene, for your beautiful heart sharing!

      I greatly appreciate what you expressed about my videos and words (in writing or speech), as they are direct expressions of my heart, Nature and Spirit. It’s such a joy and honour to hear that they are beautifully benefiting you.

      I love that you’re planning to answer the call of Kelowna – I have no doubt that incredible experiences await you there. And I thank you for sharing your wonderful “bucket list”, it just might inspire other readers too!

      Abundant love and blessings to you,
      Lucille DancingWind